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In the paper “Illegal Involvement with Drugs,” the author analyzes the case where Smith had been arrested for abusing Marijuana while in high school. This makes it hard for him to be trusted with highly classified information. This is the reason why some information is missing in police records…
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Illegal Involvement with Drugs
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Illegal Involvement with Drugs
Smith should not be granted a security clearance because of several aspects that have been revealed by the results. According to Guideline H on drug involvement, improper or illegal involvement with drugs raises critical questions regarding the person’s ability or willingness to protect classified information (US government Publishing Office 1). In this case, Smith had been arrested for abusing Marijuana while in high school. This makes it hard for this person to be trusted with highly classified information. Furthermore, according to Guideline K on security violations, noncompliance with security regulations increases the doubt on the person’s trustworthiness, willingness, or even ability to safeguard information. In this case, Smith seems to have interfered with security information. This is the reason why some information is missing in police records.
According to Guideline E on personal conduct, if a person is dishonest or unwilling to comply with the regulations, this would be an indicator that such a person may not properly safeguard classified information (US government Publishing Office 1). In this case, Smith is dishonest about his travel to Russia and Italy. For instance, he gave contradicting dates about his travel to Russia. In addition, he failed to state that he had traveled to Italy giving an excuse that he was young. Moreover, he was unable to explain the reason why he was concealing information about his other social security number. This is an indication that he is a dishonest person who cannot be entrusted with highly classified information.
In the second case, Kidwell should be given a temporary eligibility according to part 147 of the guidelines. This is because intensive investigation needs to be conducted in order to know whether having two closely related social security numbers was a strategy to make malicious dealings (US government Publishing Office 1). However, the fact that she has come out and declared that this issue existed without concealing and being compelled is an aspect that indicates that she is a honest person. Temporal access would give time to authority to investigate about all credit information provided in the form and through the interview.
Part 2
Question 4
The defense security service acts as an administrator of the National Security Industrial Program. In addition, it controls and influence foreign ownership. Furthermore, it supports the National Industrial security on issues related to personnel security clearances. Other roles include, conducting initial and annual security reviews, receiving and investigating incident reports and providing oversight and guidance to NSIP.
Question 5
Civilian contractors are given facility security clearance after getting the clearance letter and being approved storage capability. This is an indication that such a contractor has met all the requirements that have been set by the government.
Question 6
The security briefing would focus on four major areas;
1. Security procedures
This part would train the employees on how to safeguard and store the classified information properly. This is according to the requirements set by the NIPSOM (Busch & Joyner 56). This section should be divided into tow, i.e. when in use of the information and when not in use.
2. Employee Reporting Requirements
This section will discuss how employees are required to report to the necessary authority. This is in relation to loss of information or any other suspicious issue that is related to highly classified information.
3. Threat Awareness and Defensive Security
This section will train the employees on different threats that are facing the country and how they are supposed to ensure that they take care of classified information in order not to be used by the enemy of the state.
4. Overview of the Security Classification
This section would train the employees on different classified information definition and how to access the classified information (Busch & Joyner 75). This is to ensure that they understand different security aspects that must be fulfilled before they are authorized to get access to the information.

Busch, N. E., & Joyner, D. (2009). Combating weapons of mass destruction: The future of international nonproliferation policy. Athens: University of Georgia Press.
US government Publishing Office. (2015). eCFR — Code of Federal Regulations. Retrieved from Read More
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