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Motivations For Attendance At Notting Hill Festival - Literature review Example

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This research is important because it will bring awareness and critical understanding for the reason behind tourists or individuals attending the famous ‘hallmark event’; Notting Hill Carnival. Hallmark events is said to be an event that occurs in a town, city or region each year, on a specific date or around a specific time. …
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Motivations For Attendance At Notting Hill Festival
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Extract of sample "Motivations For Attendance At Notting Hill Festival"

Download file to see previous pages The Notting Hill carnival has been taking place on the last weekend of August each year since 1965. The carnival has become a major London and national event with over a million people attending each year. The carnival began as a way to address hate crime as well as race riots that took place in 1958. Since then, the carnival continues to be an anti-hate crime event endorsing racial harmony and the celebration of differences. The event not only brings together the black community but also tourists and Londoners alike in the biggest street festival in Europe.
This study will seek to understand the fundamental magnitudes of motivations for attending the famous Notting Hill Carnival. The study will also try to discover why visitors’ numbers have decreased over the last six years of the Notting Hill Carnival. Finally, the study will analyse whether overcrowding and disruptive behavior has an effect on visitation. This research is important because it will bring awareness and critical understanding for the reason behind tourists or individuals attending the famous ‘hallmark event’; Notting Hill Carnival. Hallmark events is said to be an event that occurs in a town, city or region each year, on a specific date or around a specific time. For instance, Notting Hill Carnival occurs every year on the August bank holiday Sunday and Monday. Richie (1984, p. 2) defines hallmark events as: Major one-time or recurring events of limited duration, developed primarily to enhance awareness, appeal and profitability of a tourism destination in the short term and/or long term. Such events rely for their success on uniqueness, status, or timely significance to create interest and attract attention. Notting Hill is a prime example of a well-known Hallmark event, which is why the study focuses on the key motivational factors for tourists attending the yearly event as well as importance of continuous attendance at the event. 1.2 Why Recent research has focused on visitor motivation and they experience they seek within music festival (Pegg & Patterson, 2010, p. 86). Consequently, not many studies have ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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