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Prepare a business and marketing plan for a tourism,hospitality or events organisation of your choice - Essay Example

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Chakula Restaurant Business and marketing plan Name University Date Business and Marketing Plan Executive Summary Chakula Restaurant is a sole proprietorship that falls within foodand hospitality industry. Chakula Restaurant will provide fast food products…
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Prepare a business and marketing plan for a tourism,hospitality or events organisation of your choice
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Extract of sample "Prepare a business and marketing plan for a tourism,hospitality or events organisation of your choice"

Download file to see previous pages Chakula Restaurant target the central business district that gets crowded during lunch hours with high income individuals. Chakula Restaurant will operate in a sector where individuals with refined tastes spend approximately 500 GBP on a full course dinner items with beverages. The sector however has experienced a slow and sluggish growth majorly due to the rich tourists and business people, coming to the town majorly for business reasons. According to Mintel (2011), the recession has grossly affected the industry and sales have declined by 30%. There has been a reduction in business travel and dining out has also witnessed a decline due to the high costs. The smoking ban in public places has also prevented people from the fine dining sector. This business plan seeks to maximize profits through a fast food enterprise. Chakula Restaurant is likely to succeed due to the experience that the owner has as mentioned earlier. Chakula Restaurant is committed to its fast food business. Through this experience, the owner will be able to raise good funds, attract customers, and increase the confidence of both the interested investors and customers. Corporate strategy and mission The corporate strategy of the Chakula Restaurant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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