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Describe the particular business and its operations, as well as industry challenges and opportunities it faces - Essay Example

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Describe the particular business and its operations, as well as industry challenges and opportunities it faces Introduction Company overview and position of its sector in hospitality or tourism industry Global hospitality and tourism industry is becoming highly competitive due to increasing market demand and presence of several leading global organizations…
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Describe the particular business and its operations, as well as industry challenges and opportunities it faces
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Download file to see previous pages It is one of the largest luxury hotel chain headquartered in Maryland. Hospitality industry is one of the emerging industries around the globe. The hospitality & tourism sector is one of the major global economic growth drivers (Papatheodorou 2006). Company’s product, services and facilities Marriott International has nearly 3,800 properties around the globe. The organization has employed almost 144,000 employees globally. Marriott International is considered as one of the most ethical companies. The organization is recognized as a US based MNC. The organization manages and franchises an extensive portfolio of hotels, resorts and lodging facilities. The organization operates its business practices in more than 74 countries around the globe. Marriott Hotels & Resorts, JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Renaissance Hotels and Gaylord Hotels are the successful and popular properties of Marriott International. All the properties and extended brands provide simple, elegance and inviting atmosphere to its guests. As these are luxurious hotels they provide several premium services to its guests including fine dining, signature service amenities, twice-daily housekeeping, 24-hour room service, business & fitness centers, concierge services and deluxe & suit level of comfort-personal services. JW Marriott is one of the leading and popular brands of Marriott International. The properties of Marriott International are considered as one of the largest accommodator in global luxurious hotel chain industry. Discussion It is clear from the above discussion that the luxury hotel chain has a significant client base. The organization is popular for providing luxurious and premium hospitality services to its customers. Target Market Luxury, comfort and premium customer service are the major business mantras of Marriott International. People of upper income level are the major target customers of Marriott International. They mainly target business executives as their potential customers. In addition to these Marriott International tries to influence several people of middle class income level through select services. Fairfield Inn and Suits is the example of select service lodging group that influence the people of middle class income group to experience the facilities and services of Marriott International (Tranter 74). However, it can be stated that effective product and service differentiation and effective customer satisfaction help Marriott International to achieve a potential competitive edge within hospitality and tourism industry. Effective marketing mix strategy helped Marriott International to reach its chosen target market. Marketing Mix Marketing Mix is one of the important strategic tools that help an organization to develop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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