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Employee Rewards System At Marriot Hotels - Assignment Example

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Marriott International Inc. is a foremost diversified American hospitality company. The purpose of the project "Employee Rewards System At Marriott Hotels" is to evaluate the employee reward system at Marriot Hotels, which is a part of Marriott International…
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Employee Rewards System At Marriot Hotels
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Download file to see previous pages • Heart of the house: The positions offered to the employees under this role are housekeeping, kitchen service, security, maintenance and engineering services and information technology where teamwork is essential • Heart of the house: The positions offered to the employees under this role are housekeeping, kitchen service, security, maintenance and engineering services and information technology where teamwork is essential (Marriott International, Inc, 2015c)• Hotel management: The positions offered under this role are Director of Finance, Operations Manager, General Manager, Director of banquets, Restaurant manager and Manager of Security where leadership qualities and guidance is essential to achieve the desired results.Jobs supporting Marriott’s BusinessThe different roles offered for supporting the business:• Jobs at Headquarters: The associates have to manage the portfolio of brands that belong to Marriott; they also have to perform in different specialized fields like accounting and finance, operations management, different business disciplines and human resources portraying leadership and supportive skills.• Regional and national jobs: The associates of Marriott working in offices provide support to the business in different countries, continents and regional markets by serving in different areas of marketing and sales, human resources, accounting and finance, risk management, tax planning and working across the globe employing the supporting and leadership skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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