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Relate the quotation selected to the theories of tourism and impacts and sustainability - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: WELL-MANAGED WETLAND TOURISM Well-Managed Tourism Can Help Protect the World’s Wetlands Name Institute name Class Subject Well-Managed Tourism Can Help Protect the World’s Wetlands “Besides providing essential services such as water food and energy, wetlands offer significant opportunities for tourism, which can in turn deliver economic benefits for local communities and the sustainable management of wetlands.” (UNWTO) The above statement undoubtedly is an exhortation to adopt a sustainable development in wetland tourism…
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Relate the quotation selected to the theories of tourism and impacts and sustainability
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Download file to see previous pages While this along with other such regions around the world are quickly becoming the must-watch hot spots of wetland destinations, it is essential to see how far the tourism industry is thriving on both improving the economy and protecting the marshes by sustainable maintenance. Since wetlands provide essential services such as water, food and energy, the indigenous people will have an urge to protect the swamp, mostly as part of their own tradition and culture (Chang 2010, p. 190). At the same time, tourism industry is interconnected with social, economical and environmental factors of the community. On the whole, tourism has the capacity to generate jobs and related businesses. Thus development in tourism needs to be sustainable, so that a) the viability of enterprises and activities can be maintained for a long term on the economic front, b) a greater respect for human rights, that is recognised with an impartial allotment of benefits to eradicate poverty, could be gained on the social front and c) conserving and managing of resources, biological diversity and natural heritage become priority on the environmental front. As a matter of fact, sustainable tourism would promote a desire in the masses to enjoy green tourism, for example, conducting a series of elite interviews on why tourism is booming in Cuba, Jayawardene (2002. p 57) found that “the government’s focus on and attention to sustainable tourism development” was the main reason for the tourism flourishing in Cuba. It shows that tourist preferences are increasingly influenced by sustainability concerns; that is why, according to Taleb Rifai (Secretary General World Tourism Organisation), “today, ecotourism, nature, cultural adventure, rural and community tourism are taking the lead in the tourism markets and are predicted to continue growing more rapidly than traditional tourism products. Wetlands tourism is therefore uniquely placed in the evolving scenario of green tourism” (2012). Considering the growing popularity of greener destinations, there is an urgent need of sustainability in wetland tourism management. The planning of policies and awareness rising on this issue needs to be focused on the potential value of the wetland tourism with regards to the economic benefit it can bring into the indigenous society. The study of the Fatt’an wetlands in Taiwan concludes by stating that awareness of the local people is the key to the success of any sustainable management program (Chang 2010 pp 198). However, many wetland examples around the world would reveal the risks and consequences of having unsustainable management in wetland tourism. Many countries have introduced wetland tourism policies, but they have not set sustainable strategies adequately recognising the role of wetlands. Hence, some of the African countries including Kenya, Namibia and so on were not able to yield the fruit of wetland tourism (Earth Watch). Similarly, the negative eventualities resulting from unsustainable management of wetland might include the deterioration of the ecosystem due to various activities, which may also negatively affect the tranquillity of the wetland species ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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