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Tourism Impacts and Sustainability in the World - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Tourism Impacts and Sustainability in the World" describes that scenarios that are spectacular such as the Great Wall of China are advertised. The advertisement is meant to ensure the scene captures the interest of the largest number of individuals as these guarantees more tourists…
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Tourism Impacts and Sustainability in the World
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Extract of sample "Tourism Impacts and Sustainability in the World"

Download file to see previous pages Kenya is among some of the countries in the world blessed by a variety of wildlife ranging from a variety of animals such as the big five; the elephant, the buffalo, the rhino, the lion and the hippopotamus. Although wildlife serves as the main tourist attraction, the country has a lot more to offer. These include wildlife and other major attractions such as the nice and serene Kenyan cost in the shores of the Indian Ocean, the great Mountain View of Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Abadie ranges near mount Longonot (Baxter 2004, Pp.14-15).
As a result of the tourism activities, tourist attractions in other countries such as Tanzania have kept the country with a continuous stream of both domestic and international tourists. Economically, there has been continuous and steady growth. This is observed in the rate of growth of the revenue collected by the government (John 2003, Pp. 14-15). These are in terms of the taxes collected from various economic activities such as hotels and travel industries held by the private sector. The continuous stream of tourist attractions has brought both positive and negative side effects of the activity.
The positive impacts are observed almost in all parts of the economy of the host country. Some of them include; economic growth, creation of jobs, creation of good currency circulation, inflow/creation of foreign exchange, growth in infrastructure, growth in social amenities, and creation of a good international relationship between the host country and the other countries (Elsevier 1987, Pp. 84).
To begin with, we will look at the improvement and growth of economic development and growth in Canada (Chandana 2003, Pp. 408-412). As it has been observed through research, there is increased income in the economy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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