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Future of Tourism in Oman - Essay Example

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Future of tourism in Oman Introduction Tourism industry in Oman has rapidly growing and developing and the government of the country makes large investments in the development of this field. There is a clear intention of Oman’s government to draw the following parallels between enrichment of the country by means of tourism…
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Future of Tourism in Oman
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Download file to see previous pages There are many difficulties in the development of this industry, because the locals do not want to exceed the limits of a local tourism promotion and thus they are prevented from a global expansion. Tourism in Oman Oman has many different privileges. First of all, this country makes large investments in ecotourism and first class tourism and tourism in this country can be interested for both Western and Eastern tourists. Oman can assure tourists of the absence of corruption and there are many perspectives for business development in this country. Oman is opening its doors for tourists… The spectators are so much attracted by the new territories and numerous sightseeing that the pleasure of exploring this country transfers the borders of traditional tourism. There is no doubt that Arab hospitality is legendary. People from those countries are full of hospitality and there is no doubt that the Westerners will be greatly impressed by a large number of attractions in this country. There are two million inhabitants in Oman and this is an independent state of the Arab world. Tourists are mainly attracted by “vast coastline, over a thousand miles long, stretching from the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf to the Yemeni border in the south” (The Seven Stars of the Gulf; Oman: Traditional Terraced Village Scubadiving off the Coast of Fujairah, 2009). Moreover, there are deep historic roots in this country. The Oman museum in Muscat is rather attractive for tourists and there is no doubt that people in this country are proud of their legendary heroes, such as Sindbad the Sailor, for example. There is an evident harmony between the ancient port of Muscat and modernization of this port nowadays. A feeling of cleanness and safety is everywhere. There are different perceptions of the northern and the southern frontiers of Oman. Thus, tourist from different countries can find the places to live and to visit with respect to their own interests (Martin, 2005). Nevertheless, it should be noted that the most explored part of Oman, which is favorable for tourists is Salalah. Tourist agencies are attracting new tourists speculating on the following things: “waters are inviting, the sand the softest and silkiest, and the birdlife extraordinary, a visitor's guide cautions you against wandering away "while wearing a sea dress" (Beirman, 2003). Oman provides tourists with different opportunities of having rest. There is an essential technological impact exerted on Oman and the Western tourists can exert a serious negative impact on cultural, moral and social values in Oman (Richards, 1999). On the one hand, in the modern global world such issues as traditional clothes or color of hair can be different even among Omani people. In their hearts and souls these people are religious and they do not have any intention to change their religion or culture. There are many difficulties for Oman and its ability to adapt social and cultural changes with respect to the Western traditions and customs. With this respect, it can be claimed that countries around the world are interested in promotion and support of their interests. In case the residents of one country want to get acquainted with the values of people and nations from another country, there is no doubt that the former should be tolerant to another country and preserve historic uniqueness and dignity of another nation. There is a high cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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