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Holistic Living Guidelines - Research Paper Example

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Holistic Living: Examining the Well – Rounded Lifestyle of Body, Mind and Spirit Name, # July 20, 2011 Abstract The ability to live a well – rounded lifestyle is one which many are turning to in order to have a better response to their health…
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Holistic Living Guidelines
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Extract of sample "Holistic Living Guidelines"

Download file to see previous pages Examining the concept of holistic living as well as how it is attributed to the way in which one responds to conditions while maintaining health can also create a deeper understanding of how to moderate one’s lifestyle for better responses and conditions. The results which are obtained consist of new and positive effects which an individual can experience for balance within their lives. Introduction The concept of holistic living is now becoming more acceptable in medicine and in the assistance of individuals living a balanced life. Holistic living is defined by combining the mind, body and spiritual needs that one has for a well rounded and healthier lifestyle. This is combined with the concept of self – care and preventative medicine. An individual that carries lifestyle habits for complete health through the mind and body while living a specific lifestyle then it offers a holistic living style. This consists first of the basic needs of a human, which is inclusive of physical health as well as peace of mind and comfort and safety (Eliopoulos, 2009). Doctors are now finding that this approach to healthy living is also one which can assist with medicine and works to balance out the needs of an individual and to change the way in which they live. When preventative care is given with physical and mental needs, it also is able to help with prevention of diseases. If one is suffering from a physical ailment, then combining the lifestyle needs and changes with medicine ensures a better response (Eliopoulos, 2009). Examining the importance of holistic living as well as how it can be used with changing physical and mental needs also points toward better health of an individual. A Health Promoting Diet The first step to living holistically is to begin to eat differently and to promote a health diet. The dietary recommendations now have moved outside of the ideology of eating a balanced diet of the five food groups. Instead, it has been found that a larger quantity of fruits and vegetables and the initiation of a rainbow diet of plant type foods are known to assist more with the healthy eating. This is combined with cutting back on meat and animal foods to balance out the diet. If meat is eaten, then it should consist of lighter meats, such as fish or eggs. The change in consumption lowers the amount of trans fats while balancing out saturated fats, which are known to be healthier for consumption. This diet is also high in dietary fiber and has fatty acids which are needed for balance. The fruits and vegetables eaten should also be high in antioxidant nutrients and phytochemicals while having carotene rich compounds, most which are found in fruits and flowers. It is known that this type of diet decreases intestinal transit time, delays gastric emptying, decreases caloric intake, increases digestive enzymes and benefits the intestinal microflora while increasing the production of short – chain fatty acids and decreasing serum lipid levels (Lock et al, 2010). The change in the health is one which is now being noted because of the several problems which are arising in society. The diet which many have is leading to metabolic problems, obesity, kidney stones and diabetes. There are also cardiovascular and colonic difficulties arising, most which are based on the low amount of fiber that individuals are eating. When altering this, there is also an increase in antioxidants, carotenes, coumarin and isoflavoids. Immune functions begin to increase while other receptors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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