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Roy Adaptation Model applied to Leadership and Management and Nursing Education - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Roy Adaptation Model Roy Adaptation Model TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 NURSING THEORY 3 NURSING THEORY - ROY ADAPTATION MODEL 5 RAM Nursing Theory – Framework for Practice 8 APPLICATION OF RAM NURSING THEORY IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION 9 Real-life Example of RAM in the field of Education 10 APPLICATION OF RAM NURSING THEORY IN THE FIELD OF NURSING PRACTICE 11 Real-life Example of RAM in the field of Nursing Practice 12 PURPOSE OF ROY ADAPTATION MODEL 13 HOW RESEARCH SUPPORTS THE CONCEPTS AND PROPOSITIONS OF RAM 14 CONCLUSION 14 REFERENCES 16 INTRODUCTION With the population growing at an unprecedented rate, one of the rising concerns fo…
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Roy Adaptation Model applied to Leadership and Management and Nursing Education
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Download file to see previous pages Theories have always been of prime importance in the field of nursing. They are the set of actions or activities, whose foundation is on the policies, guidelines, procedures, plan, or method that an individual follows. These specialized theories and doctrine have come under several classifications and groupings that professionals carry out and perform in various parts of the earth. There had been many theories associated to nursing and health care that has the primary focus on looking after the ill, unwell, ailing, with poor health conditions, injured and old-aged people (Meleis, 2007). NURSING THEORY Philosophical perception has molded the Nursing theory, which is the understanding of a phenomenon or an event that assists the nursing convention or process through the conglomeration of knowledge, thus, assimilating many researches and experiments when identifying the nursing convention. ...
One of the most well-known and popular personalities that the world has recognized, for the uncountable services that she had provided to numerous people, known as Florence Nightingale has emerged and originated the concept of contemporary nursing theory in the middle of 1800s. Prior to the existence of the nursing theory, the nurses acted liked puppets in the hands of doctors, as the foremost and principal job of any nurse was to follow only the doctor’s prescription and guidance for taking care of the patient. Florence Nightingale placed the cornerstone with her approach that not only gave a broad and a new form and path to the nursing occupation, but also made it noticeable and apparent in the field of medical science. She developed a sense of consciousness amongst the nurses with her incredible work that this profession does not merely mean to take care of the patients upon doctor’s prescription, as it is not at all an acceptable approach for patient care. Rather, they should comprehensively assess the patients need and make them satisfy, comfortable and healthy with their behaviors and actions through the execution of appropriate patient care (Marriner-Tomey & Alligood, 2006). The nursing theories come under development so that the nurses have a standardized set of actions as it administers a structure and a guideline for them. The theories are in continuous support to the practices of the nursing models that have emerged as several divisions of nursing have came into existence, thus, the patients’ needs became utmost important and provision of the proper care for the patients is the basis for each nursing model (Alligood & Marriner-Tomey, 2006). The types of nursing theories include “grand nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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