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Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde - Essay Example

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The mountain resort located in the Chengde,a prefecture-level city in the Province of Hebei, covers almost half of Chengde’s urban area, which is the area of about 564 square meters and it is enclosed by a 10.400 meter-long wall…
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Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde
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It is also the shortest river in the world, only 14.7 kilometers long. There are 11 magnificent temples in the outlying area, standing on the hills in a semi circle. They were usually referred to as the “Eight Outer Temples” because they were divided into eight sections under the administration of the Beijing-based Harmony and Peace Lamasery- a monastery for lamas. Only seven temples remained intact, including Puren Temple, Temple of Sumeru and Puning Temple. They consist of the largest temple building complex in China. The mountain resort and it outlying temples were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the 18th session of the World Heritage Committee in Phuket Thailand, December 12-17, 1994. It is described as a huge complex of temples, palaces, administrative offices and ceremonial buildings and these structures harmoniously blend into the landscape of lakes, pastures and forests. Moreover, they represent a variety of architectural styles and reflect the aesthetic aspiration of imperial China of that period. I have chosen this site to write about for it has a fascinating architectural diversity, as well as a contrast between well developed bio diversity and a lack of water, deforestation and desertification. It is also very fascinating how after a disaster, a “heaven” can return to its prior heavenly state with the help of people who give their best to maintain the nature and keep the environment healthy as possible. Furthermore, it was most amazing to learn about the outlying temples and the divinity of the whole area and its uniqueness. Chengde mountain resort is divided into two sections: a palace section and a garden section. The palace area is situated in the southern part of the resort, which is made up of the Main Palace, Pine-Crane Hall, Pine Soughing Valley and East Palace. The Main Palace consists of the Front Court and the Back Imperial Bedroom. The main hall of the Front Court was the place where all important ceremonies were held during the emperors staying in the mountain resort. The garden section can be further divided into a lake section, plains section, and mountain section. The lake section is on the north of the palace section and covers about 80 hectares; going north, you will get to the plains section where the Qing emperors held banquets and recreational activities. This area is mainly covered with grassland and woods; the mountain section is located in the northwestern part and four-fifths of the Mountain Resort is mountainous, sloping down from the northwest to the southeast. The Kuixing Pavilion is a tourist spot newly that was built upon the foundations of a former, ancient pavilion that had fallen into ruin. It is located atop Banbi Mountain in the south of city, the three main areas of this complex comprise a palace, square and garden zones. The whole architectural style is bright and colorful, and some cultural sights  can still be seen in this beautiful scenic spot.There are also many forest parks in and around Chengde, including Qingchuifeng and Liaoheyuan National Forest Parks, Beidashan Stone Sea Forest Park, and Liuliping Forest Park, etc. The Qingchui Cliff National Park, lying to the east of the city, is a natural park that features with a dramatic, lofty and steep formation called the Danxia Landform. The highlight of the park is the Qingchui Cliff, which is nearly 60 meters (197 feet) high and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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