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Develop a tourism planning - Assignment Example

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Developing a Tourism Planning Date Developing a Tourism Planning Planning is a highly dynamic process of exploring several options in attempt to realize set goals and objectives with the least energy. It involves being systematical in making of choices amongst the available alternatives…
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Develop a tourism planning
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Download file to see previous pages If it is found not to benefit in any way then another option is picked. In the tourism planning several issues are regarded which encompasses the environment in which the actual planning is taking place. The socio-economic is one important factor, physical and political factors are considered when deciding on the planning. These are either interrelated or interdependent components of the system (Marcouiller, 1995). Just like any other planning, it is also in tourism that the planning aim is to achieve certain goals and objectives. This is the benchmark for any planning activity. The achievement of the goals and objective is done after a careful evaluation of the available resources and the needs of the peoples. This allows one to make efforts of marching the two given the available resources. The planning is a multi disciplinary activity in which a comprehensive and systematic approach is used to reach a comprehensive approach. It involves several steps, which are subject of revision as the process goes on (Reid, 2004). Tourism planning then has the following steps; defining of goals and the objectives, Identification of the system of tourism to adopt, Available resources, organization, Market availability, alternatives, evaluation of the alternatives, selection, and finally monitoring and evaluation. Goals and Objectives Setting the goals and objective in any organization will always allow the management to work in relation to a target. The goals in this case will be set after doing the SWOT analysis (Reid, 2004). This is very important, as it will enable as to appreciate the resources and challenges that we have so that we can define an appropriate goals and objectives to pursue. Before deciding on the goals, we will have to evaluate our past performance and current performance vis a vis the resources we have and the expectations of our customers. In setting the goals and objectives, we have to consider the strategies that are used by the competitors in the market. This will enable us to be at par with them or surpass them in the provision of services (Riley, Ladkin, & Szivas, 2010). Following the above set criterion, we will have to set our goals and objectives as follows; I. To launch an extensive advertisement of our tourist site all over the world and demonstrate that we are the site of choice given the diverse natural flora and fauna in our site. II. Modernize our system to meet the international standards. That is, including indoor pools in to provide services during winter periods. We also intend to improve maintain he infrastructural activities within our site. III. To collaborate with other stakeholders in an effort to create a brand name for our site and at the same time get involved in the corporate social responsibility to increase domestic tourism in to the site. IV. To increase the total revenue collection of the site by expanding both the local and the international market to maintain all round visitation into the site. Tourism System to Adopt In the planning, we are going to couple both domestic and international tourism. This is aimed at widening the market level of the customers. In the resent past, both international and rural tourism has shown remarkable increase and there is need to develop a system that will trap the looming potential of visitors in the site. We therefore want to modernize the rural tourism to attract the international ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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