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Investigation of Sustainable Tourism and its Role in Tourism Planning and Development - Essay Example

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It is a type of tourism which involves the promotion and use of nature based, ethically compliant and environmentally and socially responsible tourism aspects. Sustainable tourism has been developed as an effort…
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Investigation of Sustainable Tourism and its Role in Tourism Planning and Development
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Extract of sample "Investigation of Sustainable Tourism and its Role in Tourism Planning and Development"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, a sustainable tourism aspect essentially tries to make the optimal use of the physical and environmental resources available in the host destinations because this constructs the basic element of an ethically and morally compliant tourism sector. Also, sustainable tourism involves the maintenance of the essential environment and ecological processes and actively acts towards the conservation of the cultural heritage, biodiversity and natural heritage of the host destination, shows adequate respect to the identification and the socio cultural authenticity of the tourism destination, conserves the living traditional values and contributes to the environmental and social development, enhances the intercultural tolerance and understanding of the benefits for the location. Sustainable tourism is also necessary because it helps to build up a more dynamic and efficient tourism sector by ensuring long term and viable operations and by providing various types of social and economic benefits to the key stakeholders of the industry. These benefits include the creation of income earning and employment opportunities, provision of social services to the local communities and contributions for poverty reduction and economic value creation for the respective destinations.
The development of a sustainable tourism is critical to ensure that the negative impacts of the conventional tourism industry are restrained by the entities functioning in the tourism sector. The tourism developments should necessarily be planned in a sustainable manner because the need for sustainability and compliance with the environmental and ethical standards and requirements have become the buzzword for achieving competiveness and ensuring success in the dynamic and intensely competitive global tourism environment (Mowforth and Munt, 2003). Another reason why tourism developments are to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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