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Video Games and Their Negative Affect - Case Study Example

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The following paper under the title 'Video Games and Their Negative Issues among Children' presents the advent in technology which has led to the transformation of various aspects in the world. One such transformation has been the rise of video games…
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Video Games and Their Negative Affect
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Extract of sample "Video Games and Their Negative Affect"

Download file to see previous pages The prominence of these games has mostly been associated with negative issues, especially among the young children and teenagers. Hence, there is a need for ensuring that the industry is regulated to ensure that the matter does not get out of hand. The regulation can only be possible by having intervention from the government of the day. The government should ban video games as they lead to aggressiveness, bullying, and declining education standards.
The government should ban video games as they lead to aggressive thoughts and behaviors among children and teenagers. The advent of technology has led to the emergence of new and complicated forms of video games. Moreover, it has become possible for such games to be accessible to children and teenagers. Most of these games have been full of violence. Moreover, most of the characters in the games have become more realistic. Children and teenagers are most likely to be influenced by things they learn or come across in life. Most of the things that they encounter in life are likely to influence their emotions and perceptions negatively. There has been a number of statistics indicating why such games need to be an area of concern. In research done by Cooper and Mackie, it was evident that fifth-grade girls were more hostile to introduction to violent games (Kooijmans 1). The practical nature of the games has been linked to various occurrences of the mass shootings that have been taking place in the country. One of such incidences was the mass shooting that took place in Newton. In the incident, Adam Lanza killed 26 people (Jaslow 1). The victims were 20 children and six teachers (Jaslow 1). According to CBS News reported, the lone gunman was influenced by violent video games (Jaslow 1). The assertion proved as law enforcers discovered a series of violent video games on the perpetrator basement. The recent spate of killing due to the influence has reached a worrying trend. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Games and Their Negative Affect Case Study.
(Video Games and Their Negative Affect Case Study)
Video Games and Their Negative Affect Case Study.
“Video Games and Their Negative Affect Case Study”.
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