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Comparing Products: Xbox Versus Playstation - Case Study Example

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This paper "Comparing Products: Xbox Versus Playstation" compares Xbox and Playstation and attempt to make out which of the two is preferable. The X-box and Play station are examples of these games that have become very common and mostly used in the world today…
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Comparing Products: Xbox Versus Playstation
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Extract of sample "Comparing Products: Xbox Versus Playstation"

Download file to see previous pages Determining which one of the two is better than the other is a rather difficult or an impossible task. This is because it all depends on the individual using it the console since each game console provides a broad range of varied features. Some people will love one console, while others could hate it. Generally, it has been agreed that the Play station and the Xbox are roughly comparable (Cheat, 2011). However, people will always hold different opinions as far as this matter is concerned.

The Xbox was set to the market in North America on 15th November 2001. It offered a stiff competition with Sony’s PlayStation. During the early years of its development, the marketing department in Microsoft argued against the name Xbox with the argument that it would be very unpopular in the market. This, therefore, called for alternative names being suggested. However, testing from consumers revealed that the name was more preferable than all the other suggested names (Plunkett, 2009). This led to Xbox becoming the official name for the game. Xbox has been documented as the first video game console built using a hard disk drive, which was primarily used to store games. This development did away with the need to have separate memory cards that had been in the market for long.

Over the years, these two games have developed to superiority, while at the same time maintaining significant differences among themselves than ever before. Each of the industries Sony and Microsoft are keen to avoid lagging behind the other. As soon as Sony began enjoying the success of the PlayStation 3 slim, Microsoft came in with the thinned edition of Xbox 360. Sources from industries have claimed that both Sony and Microsoft are intending to extend the consoles generation with the aim of maximizing their investment (Navarro, 2009).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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