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Comparing Unethical versus Ethical - Essay Example

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The argument by leaders of AIG was raised due to a feeling of being obligated to fulfill the commitments set by the contract with the executives, which required them to pay bonuses. In this case, failing to pay their bonuses by citing reasons of being bailed out by the U.S…
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Comparing Unethical versus Ethical
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Extract of sample "Comparing Unethical versus Ethical"

Other Essay Comparing Unethical versus Ethical Work Part The argument by leaders of AIG was raised due to a feeling of being obligated to fulfill the commitments set by the contract with the executives, which required them to pay bonuses. In this case, failing to pay their bonuses by citing reasons of being bailed out by the U.S government would be a breach of the agreement; thus, it is unethical. Moreover, the leaders can be considered ethical for taking the responsibility to these executives. On the other hand, the leaders are ethical by the fact that they are not deceptive, and they did not depict an attribute of arrogance and self-serving.
The leaders were ethical by showing courage and standing for what was right and by deciding to offer these bonuses to the executive in these conditions. Furthermore, AIG leaders showed respect to the executive by honoring their contract, and they strived for fairness, honesty and straightforwardness for the sake of these executives. Giving bonuses to the executives is a way of encouraging and developing them; hence, it is an indication of ethical leadership. Therefore, in this situation AIG leaders can be considered ethical by possessing these attributes, portrayed through the decision of giving bonuses to the executives.
Part 2
According to Kellerman and Matusak (4), participative leaders commit themselves as members of the team, whereby they discuss with the team members in the decision-making process. Therefore, they seek consensus in order to make the final decision. For example, a participative leader seeks a consensus during negotiations, whereby he or she settles at a deal after consulting with the other team members. On the other hand, the authoritarian leadership is known to dictate task and timelines for completing the assignment for group in order to achieve the set objective. For example, authoritarian leadership style can be applied during a crisis, when the leader has to take control of a situation. Nevertheless, these leaders do not involve members of the team in decision-making.
Servant leadership focuses on leading through virtue aimed at satisfying the needs of the team members. Therefore, this leader establishes a form of democracy among the team members. For example, democratic leaders are keen to listen to the members of the team, whereby the members are given the chance to offer their ideas to the process of decision-making. Moreover, power is achieved by these leaders through values and ideals, though there are convictions that this style of leadership is behind other leadership styles.
Stewardship style of leadership is focused on the assumption of being committed to serving the needs of the team members. There are other aspects of this style include openness and persuasiveness instead of controlling members of the team. For example, a leader applying stewardship style seeks to listen to employees and focus on satisfying their needs. After completing the questionnaire, the leadership approach depicted was stewardship style of leadership, which involves a commitment to serving the needs of the team members. Nevertheless, the papers agree with the ideas related to different styles of leadership. The scores attained from the questionnaire provide a basis for classifying the leadership styles.
Works Cited
Kellerman, Barbara and Matusak, Larraine. Cutting edge: Leadership 2000. College Park, MD: James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership. 2000. Print Read More
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Comparing Unethical Versus Ethical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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