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This research begins with the statement that in the light of the current economic trend, the laying off of H-1 workers before firing full-time American citizens would be morally wrong. According to Kant, morality can only be defined by rationalizing about ‘whether one is inflicting evil on others’…
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Ethics and Technology
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Part A
Answer 1b
The whistle-blower, except in special circumstances, has exhausted all internal channels for dissent before going public.

Answer 2a
Answer 3a
Answer 4b
There is almost universal government protection for whistle-blowers.
Answer 5a

Part B

Answer 6
In the light of current economic trend, the laying off of H-1 workers before firing full time American citizens would be morally wrong. According to Kant, morality can only be defined by rationalizing about ‘whether one is inflicting evil on others’. Emmanuel Kant has been emphatic that moral obligations are imperatives and his two Rules define the categorical imperatives: Rules of Universality; and Rules of Respect. The first one makes says that people at all time must act appropriately and the second rules promotes the value of respect and says that well being al all individuals is important and therefore, one should not use others for their own vested interests. Thus the rules that are universally acceptable should be applied, especially when applied to themselves under same circumstances.

Answer 7
‘Anonymous whistle-blowing is never morally justified, because it violates the rights of those who are accused to face their accusers’. This statement would not be true according to utilitarian theory. Consequences of an action should be important criteria for the people. It has been maintained that various philosophers like Bantham had pursued the philosophy that actions, which result in maximum happiness for maximum number of people, are invariable good and therefore, the end justifies the means if it generates happiness for people. Popularised as act utilitarian theory, the actions, that are designed to benefit or have beneficial cascading effects on others, are morally and ethically right.

Answer 8
In the highly competitive environment of global business, internet security has become a critical factor. Thus, when it comes to internet security, especially the flaws, the dilemma of divulging the information to its various stakeholders becomes highly delicate matter. But looking at the various pros and cons of the situation and huge implication of exploitation of the information by the vested interest, it would be advisable that organizations become more transparent in their operations and corporate governance. ‘Disclosure of good and relevant information reduces asymmetry, lowers the return which investors demand, and thus lowers the cost of the capital to the firm’ (Diamond & Verrechia, 1991). They are also the most important thrust components which facilitate and proffer platform to demonstrate the practice of competent and responsible corporate governance.
In the fast changing environment of globalization, business compulsions have become more stringent in their nature and factors like accountability, responsibility and reliability have become important pre-requisites for business to create a credible environment for their trade and investment. The lack of effective controls vis-à-vis malpractices in accounts and auditing, security of confidential information, corrupt practices in the higher hierarchy of management, disparity in rules and regulation etc. have become crucial risks factors that have resulted in huge economic loss for its shareholders as well adversely affecting its credibility in the market. The transparency in the Corporate Governance would create effective control measurements that would safeguard the interest of all its stakeholders, investors and business partners.

Answer 9
The computer-security class at Sonoma State University where students are taught to breach the security of anti-virus software by creating computer viruses has become highly controversial. The ethics and morality of the courseware has come under cloud primarily because it encourages development of computer viruses. But the wider implications of the same vis-à-vis how the students’ use their expertise later on in their lives has become more crucial factor, both for the industry and people at large. The moral and ethical delivery of their outcome has become a strong contending issue within and outside the academia.
If one looks from the academia point of view, developing capacity to create computer viruses is as important as developing antivirus software because both the issues are intrinsically linked to each other. Hence developing appropriate creativity and capability to develop computer virus would automatically result in exploring and developing anti-dote to that virus. When it is taught is academia, it becomes transparent and industry is welcomed to contribute towards developing myriad anti-virus software for viruses that are created by vested interests. Hence, course curricula and teaching at Sonoma State University is absolutely correct and essential in the contemporary environment of fast evolving technology and globalization.

Diamond, D. and Verrechia, R. (1991). Disclosure, liquidity, and the cost of equity capital. Journal of Finance, 46(4): 1325-1360.
Sarbanes – Oxley Act 2002. Available from: [Accessed 5 December, 2009]. Read More
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