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Ajax Digital Information has a very critical role in the society, and also targets at attaining an ethical working environment for its employees and members of the public. It is upon this that the company aims at having of ethics to the respected professionals in various…
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Developing organizational guidelines for ethics and IT
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Organizational Ethics of Ajax Digital Information has a very critical role in the society, and also targets at attaining an ethical working environment for its employees and members of the public. It is upon this that the company aims at having of ethics to the respected professionals in various subsection of IT. Computing presents a number of ethics that ought to be respected to avoid gross loss of information or even great harms to the company. Ethics prevent other people from being recipients of malicious computer use, undue advantage to a computer user or computer misuse.
Ajax, for example, has very crucial information from our client which is not only confidential but also very delicate. The company is also staffed with highly talented IT professional ranging from system analysts, network designers and developers. The company has however entrusted each and every member with access to all servers including the main server, owing to the nature of practice. As such, it is important that a code of ethics has to be maintained if the company is to remain in operation and continue to render its services to the clients. Other sources of vulnerability to the system emanates from the nature of services that the company provides in that, some of the users need to access our databases remotely using Internet Information Server (IIS) while the members of staff use the intranet (Tavani, 2004).
Code of Ethics for the employees in Ajax
An employee shall not interfere with other people’s work through manipulation, deletion or snooping into other people’s files.
An employee shall not use the computers to commit a crime.
An employee shall not use the computer to interfere with other peoples intellectual property rights
An employee shall use a computer in a manner that ensures respect for fellow humans
An employee’s activity should not bring unwanted scrutiny to the company whatsoever.
To implement this, the company shall monitor the networks and in case anyone is found to have violated the code of ethics. Severe measures shall follow. For the first time violators, a written warning shall be accorded after which a dismissal shall follow in the subsequent violations.
Tavani, H. T. (2004). Ethics and technology: Ethical issues in an age of information and communication technology. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Read More
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