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This paper “Emerging Trends in Technology” discusses the emerging trends in the technological world, which involve a variety of the technology sectors and aspects. To be specific the technological trend identified in this assignment is on the Network Audio Systems…
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Emerging Trends in Technology
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Download file to see previous pages The efficiency covered the transport protocols of the audio devices, Q-LAN which operates in the primary professional systems of audio technologies, interoperability between products, audio video bridging, and many others. These are the factors which when addressed and incorporated like most media technologies have addressed, reflects on the positive trend of the audio technology in the world (Information Resources Management Association and Khosrowpour 2006, p 12).
The audiences, in this case, are the media and media operators and the client, musicians. The audio media houses and organizations are to be equipped with the relevant information on the technological development within the sectors of operation. The development of the audio technologies will improve the services that the audio houses will be provided to the public. This report on the components of the audio technologies that are to be improved will affect their organizations positively in that the media groups and the organizations will be informed on the key components to improving so as to meet the expected standards (Information Resources Management Association and Khosrowpour 2006, p 16).
The audience will also gain through the identification of the technologies which are to improve the workstations within their organizations. The report addresses the technological links and sectors within the audio technologies to be improved so as to continue with the growing trend and realize the expectations. This information is greatly important to the media organizations as they will be able to understand the trends and the sectors to be able to fix and improve so to remain relevant to the technological world. The realization of the time frames to improve and update their systems will also help in being relevant and in time to meet the expectations (Bergman 2009, p 41). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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