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On April 13 1997, a prosecutor in Cleveland, Ohio accused Cleveland clinic of seeking to hasten the deaths of terminally ill patients to obtain their organs for transplants (New York Times News Service, 1997). This followed a proposal by the hospital to all doctors to take…
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Cleveland Clinic in Ohio
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CLEVELAND CLINIC IN OHIO NUMBER GRADE DECEMBER 20, Introduction Cleveland clinic, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a nonprofit multispecialty academic health center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education.
A Historical Social Event
On April 13 1997, a prosecutor in Cleveland, Ohio accused Cleveland clinic of seeking to hasten the deaths of terminally ill patients to obtain their organs for transplants (New York Times News Service, 1997). This followed a proposal by the hospital to all doctors to take organs from the patients within minutes after their hearts had stopped beating. The effect of this dreadful prosecution was devastating to the clinic’s growth. Normally there were three organ donations every four weeks in the area. Since the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported the accusation by Mr. Marion, nearly a month later, there had been only one donation (New York Times News Service, 1997). This was a clear indication that people had become fearful of the organ donation procedure at the hospital. Following these accusations, the number of patients coming to the hospital dropped, which meant that the hospital’s revenues were drastically affected and in turn affected the growth of the health center.
The mission and vision statements
Cleveland clinic has its mission and vision statement spelled out as follows and according to the Clevelandclinic (2011):
Use the information collected for every patient to develop health plans through which wellness will be promoted, disease prospectively delayed disease, and disease management customized: Due to the amount of time the clinic has been in operation, it is evident that it has tracks of record at its disposal to pursue their mission according to this clause.
Provide the necessary resources and tools for incorporating personalized health care into effective clinical practice: Cleveland clinic operates a wide number of family health centers all over Ohio. By so doing, they not only increase their accessibility, but also build a closer relationship with their patients.
Ensure active participation of patients as a way of empowering them: Cleveland clinic carries out a wide variety of community development activities, which aim at involving and empowering the community by sponsoring event aimed at community health.
Health informatics technologies
Cleveland clinic has not only embraced technology, but it has also played a role in developing the technology (Brian, 2011). The test ms are one of the new technologies that have been embraced by the clinic for genomic test for cancer. Referred to as Oncotype DX, the test measures the activity of 21 genes in breast cancer cells. These genes are known to forecast whether cancer will return (Brian, 2011). The examination produces a score of 1 to 40, results that correspond to the composite activity of the 21 genes. If the score is lower it means there is a low probability that cancer will return.
Emerging Trends in Technology
A Left Ventricular Assist Device abbreviated as LVAD is a mechanical non-pulsating pump which has been used in Cleveland since the early 1990s (Baum, 2011).Earlier, bulkier version of this battery operated device was used for a short period to keep the patient alive until a heart became available. Improvement in design and reduction in size led to the approval of LVAD as a permanent treatment for advanced heart failure. Cleveland clinic has embraced the technology and now includes it in its list of remedies for advanced heart failure patients.
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