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Managerial Applications of Technology (Emerging IT Trends) 1 - Assignment Example

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One of such is the use social media as a social platform to reach out to the masses. With the growth of social media platforms are becoming more relevant as compared to organization…
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Managerial Applications of Technology (Emerging IT Trends) 1
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Extract of sample "Managerial Applications of Technology (Emerging IT Trends) 1"

EMERGING TRENDS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Emerging trends in information technology There are some emerging trends in IT that are likely to influence business organizations. One of such is the use social media as a social platform to reach out to the masses. With the growth of social media platforms are becoming more relevant as compared to organization websites. The other trend is the use of biometric technology that makes it easier for organizations to keep their data safe (Cozzens, Thakur & Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014). An organization can also benefit from the use of cloud computing, which makes it easy for there to be sharing of information in an organization in an organization. This reduces an organization’s operation cost.
In business, it is clear that when it comes to technology the entities that adopt a technology first are always the highest beneficiaries of the technology. This is because by the time the other organizations start adapting the new technology they would have already integrated the new technology into their system. By integrating a technology first a business organization, a business organization will be able to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. It is therefore advisable for a business organization to adopt new technologies as early as possible (Alam, 2014). However, this should come after serious considerations and research on whether the technology in question will be of any benefit to the business organization. The risk involved in early adaptation is that it is always a big gamble with no assurance of the effectiveness of the technology.
The other consideration regarding emerging trends in information technology is that a business organization might decide to prototype a technology before actually adopting it. This will enable them to know if the technology will actually be viable for the organization (Brunetti, 2014). However, the negative thing about prototyping is that it can sometimes be costly.
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