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The essay "A Comparison of Modern Technology Advancements" states that Bill joy and Ray Kurzweil both are acclaimed national inventors of this century. There has been a controversy surfacing lately between them over the attributes and effects on human life of powerful technologies…
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A Comparison of Modern Technology Advancements
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This statement alarmed other IT experts and Bill Joy responded by thrashing this prediction. According to Bill, the relinquishment of dangerous self-replicating technologies like nanotechnology is inevitable from an ethical and logical view. Such a scenario where machines are manufactured to take control, they will not just reduce human efforts in every field but also will start to make decisions from our side. It will not be possible to predict their behavior and decisions. It will be a possibility that we hand over every aspect of everyday life to machines. Such a future of autonomous intelligent robots and humanoids, which has started materializing from this century, may result as humans behaving like pets for these machines after a few decades. (Joubert, Nagel, Peters, and Walter) Joy perceives it as an unstoppable non-biological cancer and if it did not stop may create a dystopian world. Read More
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