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Robotics Creation - Essay Example

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This project “Robotics Creation” focuses upon robotics creation to be used in the several ways that can benefit humanity, such as being used in complex operations, fast routines operations, which is needed for better accuracy, narrow sites, and dangerous fields such as contaminated sites…
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Robotics Creation
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"Robotics Creation"

Download file to see previous pages The main methods used in the robotics project are the laboratory experiments on the several works to make sure that all of the components are working to serve the robot. This has been done by testing and examining the different systems, such as serial communication interface, wireless communication, wires connections, power, et cetera. Through the recorded observations and written tests, results are made on the robot project requirements to help make the project more understandable. The main conclusion of this project is that all of the robots work through the three main components, which are robot bodies, software, and processors. In addition, there are some components that may help in other operations, such as the robot camera, which is used to monitor, and sensors that are used to sense, et cetera.
I would like to give thanks to all who have contributed in my study field by supporting me financially and morally and encouraging me to persevere in the study to make an effort to show a good final year project quality. First off, I would like to give special thanks to my mother, who raised me on a spirit of determination and challenge to confront the difficulties of study and the removal of all obstacles through its direct support to all of my study requirements.
Secondly, special thanks to Mr. Panos Abatis, my final year project supervisor, who did not hesitate days in creating a guideline to show the project in good quality, and I offering him a salute to listening to all of my questions and responding to them adequately, as well as following-up the project with him step by step. Special thanks also go to Mr. Alex, who has helped me in the project design and has provided me with all of my requests for the robot design tools.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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