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The Naked Sun and The Day After Tomorrow - Its Relevance to Singularity, Realism and Mans Free Will - Research Proposal Example

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This paper, The Naked Sun and The Day After Tomorrow, declares that the detective from Asimov’s previous novel, The Caves of Steel, returns and was given a new assignment which is to investigate the murder of a famous “fetologist”, Rikaine Delmarre…
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The Naked Sun and The Day After Tomorrow - Its Relevance to Singularity, Realism and Mans Free Will
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Extract of sample "The Naked Sun and The Day After Tomorrow - Its Relevance to Singularity, Realism and Mans Free Will"

Download file to see previous pages Solaria was depicted in the novel, serves as an exact reverse of Earth socially. In Solaria, contrary to that in Earth, people are more adapted to open spaces; therefore they are extremely intolerable when with other human beings. Because of this, people in Solaria developed a system of communication where they do not need to have a body or other physical contact with other people around them. To make this possible, they communicate with one another using “trimension” which covers their body. To portrait matters at its worst, procreation was even done on the laboratories.
The main character in the novel is Elijah Baley, the agoraphobic, quick-tempered and doleful New York City homicide detective, who is very loyal and protective not only of his status as a policeman but of his family as well. Like, Sherlock Holmes one of the favorite fictional characters, Baley also suffers from a smoking addiction that he tried to control at some instances in the novel – this seems to be a reflection of his weakness and difference from his humanoid robot partner, R. Daneel Oliwav who also became his good friend. He is the first Earthman sent to space since the first colonization.
Another important picture of the idea of robots in Solaria is on the context of who created them. At the end of the story, Bailey was able to reveal that a certain roboticist was the culprit and Delmarre’s murderer named Leebig. Leebig planned to dominate both the Earth and Solari by creating what can be easily distinguished as “fighting robots”. They are in fact spaceships equipped with the right intelligence that destroys any other ship that they encounter – an automatic killing machine to be exact. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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