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Some of the main themes from the Book of Ecclesiastes include: Failure of man’s wisdom and philosophy, everything is meaningless under the sun if we do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, man continues to seek material possessions and personal wealth only to…
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Final essays
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Download file to see previous pages Everything in this world seems meaningless and foolish without Christ in our lives and the Holy Spirit to Guide our paths (Hebert p 12.research paper).
The problem with living for health, wealth and power is that one will never be satisfied – the sinful nature will always crave for more. The only way to have peace and contentment is through the righteousness of Jesus Christ. As the Holy Spirit walks with us, we will grow in Christ. Living in the flesh will never bring complete joy.
The book of Ecclesiastes mirrors our postmodern world where people live for the moment and for themselves. The world system now is all about power, prestige, wealth and position. However, all this is meaningless unless our position is in Christ Jesus. Furthermore, many individuals are looking for something, which means that even religion does not save. It is only God’s Grace and faith through Christ Jesus that save. Anything else is hopeless and meaningless.
After Solomon had experienced all that this life had to offer, he concluded that living for one self is meaningless and foolish. Solomon wrote Proverbs, which contain wisdom. However, Ecclesiastes included man’s foolish wisdom and folly. The conclusion therefore is serving God with fear, worshipping Him with reverence and awe, persevering and being obedient. Furthermore, Wisdom only comes through a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit, who is the Helper, will teach us all things. Proverbs speak many times about the dangers of pride. If you boil all sin down, you have pride.
The Book of Songs of Songs has few central themes. The first theme is the glory of love in marriage. This not only stresses on the love between husband and wife, but also on love between Christ and His bride – the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Another theme is the drawing power of love, which also expresses the close relationship between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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