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Energy Efficiency - Essay Example

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Over the past few decades, there has been increasing concern demonstrated for energy conservation. All Generation X adults can remember, as schoolchildren, learning about energy conservation and being asked to complete assignments that revolved around this…
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Energy Efficiency
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"Energy Efficiency"

Download file to see previous pages If less energy is used, then the world will see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Ottinger, 2002). "The cheapest, cleanest energy is the energy you don't use," said Jenny Powers of the Natural Resources Defense Council (qtd. In Schirber, 2008). While the concept does seem simple enough, it is up to the individuals and the companies that are using the most energy to start revising their approaches. Whether or not they take any steps to help the environment is entirely up to them. However, there are also cost incentives to cutting back on the use of energy. Using less energy means a smaller energy bill. Therefore, some companies may be more willing to consider this type of revision if the focus on monetary issues is stressed.
Who is affected by this problem of energy efficiency There are both living and nonliving factors to take into account here. First, the living factors include the people of the world, who are all affected by, and also use, energy. Nonliving entities that are affected by this are mainly the corporations and companies that use energy. Some explanation about the history of this problem is needed to explain this issue..The concept of energy conservation is not a new one, and it has been on the table for some time. However, it has evolved in the public imagination throughout the years, and its importance has also evolved as well. Different presidents, for instance, have focused on energy conservation and brought its concerns to the forefront, while others have not seen it as that much of an important issue. It must be remembered that may presidents have different priorities (Sawhill, 1986). Our new president, however, has put a strong emphasis on various energy conservation strategies, so once again, we are seeing the media focus on this concept more and more. Therefore, people are becoming more focused on using the term "energy efficiency" to focus on the fact that we should be doing more with less energy (Schriber, 2008). Technology seems to be helping us pave the way toward that hope. A global management consulting firm called McKinney and Company recently reported that the world could cut its energy demand in half by using just a few certain strategies. This provides a strong feeling of hope in the world, and most individuals do feel that if they just do a few things and follow a few plans, they may be able to help the environment. For instance, many individuals have gone with the use of fluorescent lighting in their houses, cutting down wattage usage. Thus, energy is saved, but the electric bill also becomes much less for the individual. If all individuals did this, and if all companies did this, a large amount of energy could be saved. However, this is just one example of what both individuals and companies could do. There are several more things that could be considered and put easily into use, and it could drastically cut down the use of energy in the world (Schriber, 2008.

Positive and negative human impacts

According to Shirber (2008): "The world consumed 422 quads of energy in 2003 (a quad is a quadrillion BTUs, or the energy in 180 million barrels of oil). The United States alone used 92 quads in the same year, making it the largest single energy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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