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Open Source Systems Application in the Navy - Essay Example

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Free software and Open Source Software are often treated as same thing but there are important differences between them with respect to licensing and use. However, we can simply say that Free Software (FS) are products distributed free of charge and (OSS) Open Sources Software are product of a unique development methodology…
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Open Source Systems Application in the Navy
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Extract of sample "Open Source Systems Application in the Navy"

Download file to see previous pages al, 2006, p.1). As the popularity of open source software increases in the public sector, government are taking necessary actions to gather more information and justification to include open source in high security environments like the military. Selecting the navy as the military branch for open source application, the paper will going to identify the key stakeholders and present the issues involve in the development and implementation in this particular environment.
As software becomes increasingly network-based and evolved towards services-based architectures, communication through open and standardized interfaces is now very common. These interfaces are normally made available with OSS reference implementations. This type of service-based architecture once implemented naturally decomposes into a modular design which is free to improve and evolve independently following standard interfaces (Herz et. al. (2006, p.15).
Software services such as COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf), GOTS (Government Off-The-Shelf), and Open Source maybe selected, evolved, and later replace for newer and better technology. On condition that these software are properly applied, it will allow the core technologies to grow while reducing interface complexity and decreasing technological and financial risk by removing cascading software dependencies and eliminating re-engineering when new requirements are initiated. In order to obtain the full benefits of open standards and interfaces, the DoD (Department of Defence) of any country for that matter, must change closed systems proprietary API (Advance Programmers Interfaces) with open interfaces which will serve as the starting point for more evolved implementations (Herz et. al., 2006, p.16).
According to Herz (2006), using the data from, 10,000 open source projects are accessible for public use and lots of them provides advanced and robust solutions in their respective area of functioning. OSS primary opportunities includes IT Infrastructure, communication, and advanced Geospatial infrastructure that are frequent requirements of many modern defence systems. Instead of subsidizing the development of existing private sector codes using funds and other resources, the government has legal and valid military reasons to encourage or require OTD (Open Technology Development) that have proven successful external application. This will allow particular systems to evolve more rapidly in response to rising threats and capabilities (p.17).
One major issue in this area is the commercial return of investment even when national interest and security is concern. However, the DoD in the United States took the initiative to carry out advance projects through DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) and awarding of cost plus contract to alleviate the risk and set up an effective business model for government's contractors developing exclusive and multifaceted systems for national objectives. However, the innovation on information technology is still coming from external sources. There has been a delay in adopting the technology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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