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Wireless Computing in School - Research Proposal Example

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The author states that with a big number of students who are using the laps, it is not possible for other students to do their assignments at the same time. Students who have portable or laptop computers also have problems accessing the network due to the unavailability of access points. …
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Wireless Computing in School
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Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, many organizations are pulling their investment from copper wire cable and enhancing with wireless LAN. The bottom line is to add more access points within the building where existing LAN cannot accommodate. Colleges and corporate organizations need to have access in conference rooms, lobbies and in the remotes areas or outside their offices.
The greater benefits of the convenience and efficiency of a wireless network in the school where wireless computing would enable students and teachers access to computer conveniently and with great flexibility in classrooms.
When we say mobility and flexibility, it means we can go anywhere but still online. Let us face the reality that we cannot take a desktop computer anywhere we like unless you really want to tire yourself lifting it. A notebook or commonly called laptop computers are the best options for a wireless LAN. You can then bring your portable notebook anywhere (within the range not less than 30 meters) and access the network software, printers, internets, email, and other useful network resources. The term used for this kind of modern computing in school is Anywhere, Anytime Learning. A real productive experience a wireless network implemented in a school. Wireless users stay completely mobile with low bandwidth put at 80% of the time. If they need speedy access, they can always plug-in to into the physical network. This is useful when accessing video and large graphics files. Wireless laptop computers are easy to use and less intrusive inside a classroom. Schools are now providing better access to those special students with disabilities. Students according to some observations, exhibit greater integration of the technology within lessons than the usual desktop computers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wireless Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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