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Hennessy sets to find out the various ways technology can contribute to learning and teaching. In a similar manner, Beynon, states that people have had high expectations regarding…
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Download file to see previous pages E-learning, aided by technology, seeks to prepare learners and equip them with skills conversant with 21st century through continuous learning activities. Kong and his peers embarked on researching the issues and changes needed to achieve the goals of eLearning. With a similar goal, all three articles seek to unmask the opportunities and challenges of technology-assisted learning.
The rapid change of technology creates both opportunities and challenges for education in school. Some of the opportunities are the increased access multimedia content and availability of online classes. At the same time, schools have to deal with the challenge of catching up with the digital innovations and changes taking play now and then. According to Kong et al., “technology plays a crucial role in supporting schools on realizing the desirable learning goals and learning process (71)”. But is this statement really valid? There is a universal perception that implementation of technology in schools improves learning, teaching, and student achievement. People, however, fail to recognize it comes with complexities and challenges. As stated by Beynon, “how computing technology is conceived may seem to have less practical relevance.” In order to evaluate the worth and benefit of technology, there is need to evaluate some variables embedded in it. The variables are such as access, student background, curriculum content, and teacher preparation. It is necessary to have a computing perspective that integrates human integration with systems in a holistic manner (Beynon 94).
In rethinking computing technology, there is no doubt that the current state of technology is inadequate to engage important issues that affect human learning. Educators need to have a comprehensive strategy for a technology-rich future and create an intimate relationship to human cognition if it is to assist learners. It is, however, unfortunate that the current technology strategies are ill-equipped and cannot ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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