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Technological development in Information Society - Essay Example

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This paper "Technological development in Information Society" seeks to outline some of the technological developments responsible for what some call the information society; explains what is meant by the phrase, and discusses the arguments about whether such a society can be said to exist…
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Technological development in Information Society
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"Technological development in Information Society"

Download file to see previous pages Not keeping pace with current technologies can having devastating effects on a community or nation's business and economic sector.
"The convergence of technologies, its rapid rate of change and its importance in the development of the economic, social, financial and educational sectors, is opening new opportunities from e-commerce to Tele-education and Tele-medicine. At the same time, these changes pose fresh challenges -- especially to those in the developing world. Half the world's inhabitants have yet to make their first basic telephone call. Even fewer have used the Internet. The majority of the more than 6 billion people who inhabit our planet have been completely shut out of the digital revolution and the promise it holds. As the pace of the technological revolution increases, so does the digital divide. The digital divide concerns governments, the private sector, multilateral organisations, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations and everyday citizens. Together, we have the power to close the digital divide by uniting our resources under a common framework designed to foster the growth of information communications technologies world-wide," the ITU says on it's Web site.
Concern for the digital divide prompted the United Nations in September to hold a global forum to discuss how closing the technology gap may reverse poverty, hunger and disease from far corners of the world.
During the forum, Pervez Musharraf, president of Pakistan was quoted as saying: "The development promise of science and technology remains unfulfilled for the poor of the world" (
He suggested that the international community create a plan...
Concern for the digital divide prompted the United Nations in September to hold a global forum to discuss how closing the technology gap may reverse poverty, hunger and disease from far corners of the world.During the forum, Pervez Musharraf, president of Pakistan was quoted as saying: “The development promise of science and technology remains unfulfilled for the poor of the world” He suggested that the international community create a plan and offer incentives to encourage developing countries to adopt strategies for integrating technological learning into their governments, industry, academia and civil society.“The figures relating to the digital divide make grim reading”, said Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. “One billion people in the world do not have access to a telephone; around 8,000,000 villages, or 30 per cent of all villages worldwide, are still without any kind of connection”, he said, while people living in developed economies enjoyed five times better access to fixed and mobile telephone services, nine times better access to Internet services, and owned 13 times more personal computers than the 85 per cent of the world population living in low- and lower-middle income countriesTrends in the digital divide were analysed by the UN, which found that levels of inequality in access to technology are about twice the average levels of income inequality. The trend suggests that the divide may lay in distribution, rather than income. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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