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A Study Of Multi-Domains Food Systems - Research Paper Example

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The paper " A study of multi-domains food systems" describes the existing literature on moisture migration, tries to understand the causes and effects of the same in the case of multi-domain foods or food composed of components having different water content or water activity…
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A Study Of Multi-Domains Food Systems
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"A Study Of Multi-Domains Food Systems"

Download file to see previous pages This particular study attempts to study a suitable method for controlling the moisture from the softer and wetter inner core ice-cream to the outside crispy cone. For this purpose, two alternative methods are examined. One of them is the reformulation of the cone by adding trehalose to it. The other is the use of an edible barrier, chocolate in this case, as coating agent on the cone. In this research, the aim is to understand what water transfer is and how it operates in heterogeneous frozen foods like ice-cream packed into edible wafer cones. It is also important to understand the effects of such moisture migration on the ice-cream, why it needs to be controlled, what underlying theories are involved in the activity, what are the factors that affect it and what are the usual techniques adopted to control it. The main concern in doing the research is to know how to prevent the external cone in the ice-cream from become soft due to gain of moisture from the soft, moist ice-cream part by either of the two mechanisms stated before. The aim is also to know the particular mechanism of action as also the pros and cons of using either trehalose or chocolate in the cones as envisaged. In so doing, the research also attempts to examine previous research in the field and try, in particular, to understand their approach to control moisture migration in ice-cream cones. The final stage of research comprises the design of an experiment to test the method adopted fro controlling the moisture migration in the ice-cream cone by using any one of the mentioned two methods. This design includes the evolving of suitable tests for responses as well as analyzing the results of the tests as to their reliability and accuracy. Finally, the aim of the entire research is to compare the...
The coating material can be applied by means of any coating process commonly used in food technology, such as sugar coating, i.e. rolling in a fluidized bed, immersion, spraying or stirring, at a temperature so that the fat is in the molten state and also solidifies rapidly after application. Again, immersion of particles in a coating fluid is another technique widely used in the frozen and dry food industry and no special equipment is necessary. The layer thickness depends on the viscosity of the coating material and also on the rate of solidification of the molten chocolate upon application. However, spraying, another method for coating with chocolate in the fluid state can also be applied. But, since cocoa powder is hygroscopic, filling with such a method is not permanent protection and may not fully recommend. While there are several methods of regulating moisture migration in heterogeneous foods, the specific nature of ice- cream mixes, the need to retain or enhance newer flavors, need to cater to altering tastes, prevent color or flavor losses and also the essential need to retain the textures of the food may mean adoption of either the trehalose method as stabilizer in the ice cream mix itself or by applying a chocolate coating to the cone of the ice-cream. While both methods have their benefits and limitations, the use of trehalose due to the qualitative change experienced by such use and also due to the high value of the product produced by use of trehalose may mean that the former method is preferable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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