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Electronic health record system is another addition of technology in the field of health services. The system digitally record information of patients like their demographics, weight, height, allergies, blood group…
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Electronic Health Record System
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Download file to see previous pages Electronic health record system is a system for collection of information about patients. Information of all sorts in included like that of demographics, previous health information, personal information like date of birth, height, weight, allergies, blood group etc. This information is kept in a user-friendly format using a specialize software and it is stored in a central database that can be accessed by the whole health center. At times this information is also shared between hospitals so that doctors can get accurate information at all times.
In the field of medicine it is extremely important to record all relevant information of patients to timely diagnose health problems. It is also essential to record all information in order to provide quality services to patients. This is why collecting information is essential in the field of medicine. Electronic health record system allows management of data in hospitals so that doctors can use information to make timely decisions. At times the system also helps make decisions by using probabilities and other statistical tools.
Electronic health record system stores data in a digital format and therefore its circulation is fairly easy. This system is destined to take place of all paper based records in health care facilities. It also allows doctors the benefit to edit and change information easily. This is another reason how it benefits doctors. The system is also capable of storing information for a long time. This makes it extremely feasible for medical facilities because it gives them information for a long period of time. The digital nature of the information stored gives facility to medical practitioner to get information quickly. It is especially helpful in situations of emergency. Electronic health record systems are also of many types and different programs and software can be used by different hospitals. This is why the system offers flexibility for medical facilities. Programmers can make use of this opportunity to make different forms of the electronic health record system. Introduction of System to the Customers Customers are also extremely satisfied with the new electronic health record system. This is because all their information is available to the doctors as soon as they visit the hospital. This makes it easy for patients as well because they don’t have to carry their medical records at all times The introduction of the electronic health record system was made slowly so that customers are able to digest the change. At one time both paper and electronic health record system were being used so that no information is lost. Also proper paper records were maintained so that the system could be checked and rechecked after its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Electronic Health Record System" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this sample opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own text.

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