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Organizational Change through Leadership- Electronic Healthcare Records Implementation - Assignment Example

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Organizational Change through Leadership- Electronic Healthcare Records Implementation Presented to Institution 1. The problem –Implementing an Electronic Healthcare Record System in a Hospital a. Identify the problem In the past, healthcare providers used the manual methods of correcting and recording patients’ information…
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Organizational Change through Leadership- Electronic Healthcare Records Implementation
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Extract of sample "Organizational Change through Leadership- Electronic Healthcare Records Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages The implementation of the Electronic Health Record System was the proposed change in the organization. The change was expected to improve the healthcare center problems and contribute to its growth and development (Overhage, Evans and Marchibroda, 2005). b. Methods or processes employed Many methods were employed in identifying the problem. Firstly, the hospital experienced a significant delay in providing patients’ information on time especially with large numbers of patients. The delay in registering patients and issuing of relevant documents contributed to a delay in the provision of medical services the resulted into loss of many lives. Secondly, the hospital offices were extremely small to accommodate large volumes of files containing each patient’s, doctors, and other staff information. The organization management had to come up with a computerized method of record keeping to get rid of manual files. Thirdly, the high competition in the healthcare industry forces healthcare centers to adopt the most recent technology in order to attract more customers. Most people prefer healthcare centers that are fully equipped electronically and technologically because they stand a better chance of dealing with all types of sicknesses. c. Significance of the problem The implementation of Electronic Health Records System (EHRS) will bring about a lot of progress in the health sector. The program will lead to the advancement in the health center by introducing an efficient and reliable record keeping method. Health Information Technology systems make use of the data required in the improvement and protection of population health by the policy makers, physicians, and health service users. Presence of relevant technology on human and health services assists the both affected and infected people in many ways and saves them both time and money (Health & Development Information Team, 2005). EHRS will also contribute a lot in the health sector whereby an individual can easily take his or her medical records by the bedside. In addition, the implementation of EHRS will also enable physicians diagnose various diseases comfortably since they just ask questions and input data in the computer after which, they easily do the analysis. 2. State the need for and rationale for change  Literature/evidence supporting change According to Institute of Medicine (2000), health information technology has a lot of significance in the healthcare industry through improving delivery of healthcare services. Health Information Technology plays a significant role in implementing changes within the healthcare industry using many processes. In the past, healthcare services in United States were prone to a lot of errors, poor quality services, and lacked consumer confidence (Berner, Detmer and Simborg, 2005). The implementation of EHRS will assist in eliminating the above problems and making the healthcare industry more technologically advanced. Moreover, the need for change among many organizations is driven by the high rate of globalization and information technology advancement (Eason, 1988). On the other hand, the manual process of keeping health records is cumbersome and time consuming. Healthcare centers using manual means of keeping records have a problem marinating their customers and staff (Ingram & Lavery, 2009). The main aim of utilizing technology is making work easier and saving time to do work. Software manufacturers are competent enough to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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