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Water Supply, Healthcare, and Sanitation in Iran - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Water Supply, Healthcare, and Sanitation in Iran” defines key terms and background of the situation with the medicine, water service, and sanitary conditions in the Islamic republic. The author focuses on the pressing issues faced by Iran such as drug abuse and human rights violation…
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Water Supply, Healthcare, and Sanitation in Iran
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Extract of sample "Water Supply, Healthcare, and Sanitation in Iran"

Download file to see previous pages Tehran and other cities had chlorinated water systems but such was not the case in smaller villages in Iran.  By 1986 Tehran still had not developed a sewage system serving the entire city.  Most of the other cities had only incomplete sewage systems, and in small villages, there were none at all.  The main goal for Iran was to increase entrance to urban water supply; the Ministry of Energy was responsible for making this possible.
Certain steps need to be taken to accomplish water supply and sanitation. The main idea was to change the fundamental sector reform that had taken place in 1990.  The new Provincial water and wastewater companies’ law of September 1990 assisted in this. In 2003 the government of Iran and The World Bank worked together to come up with a sector strategy that would make progress in cost recovery and collection along with an increase in efficiency.  In November of 2008, the Iranian government announced that it had enhanced the dams in the country.  Dams were reconstructed to serve as hydropower generation, irrigation, and flood control. One of the dams that were reconstructed was the Karun-3 that is now a hydroelectric dam on the Karun River in Khuzestan, Iran.  This dam was redesigned to meet energy demand and flood control.  Iran can now proudly state that water supply and sanitation has been upgraded in recent years, giving substance to better their community.
Iran has been reshaped over the last few years thanks to the accomplishment of the new sectors; the water supply has increased from 75.5% to 98% since the 1980s. There has been an increase in the quantity of water supplied while its quality has also refined. There are still many countries working to confirm their citizens with enough clean water available and safe water sources. Countries in the Middle East have not accomplished the quality water sanitation that Iran has worked on; for example, Morocco has 971 cubic meters of available water while Egypt has 859 cubic meters. Iran is just with 1,955 cubic meters and is forecasting to reach about 3,000 by the next century. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Water Supply, Healthcare, and Sanitation in Iran Research Paper.
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