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In the essay “Experiences with Pop-Ups” the author describes his very bad experience with pop-ups as these have literally been the silliest things to take place on his computer screen. These pop-ups have propped up whenever they are not needed…
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Experiences with Pop Ups
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Experiences with Pop Ups

I have had a very bad experience with pop ups as these have literally been the silliest things to take place on my computer screen. These pop ups have propped up whenever they are not needed which is indeed something very odd about them. Ever since I started using the Internet, I have come across these pop ups in a very magnanimous capacity. This is the reason that I not only dislike the same but also mean complete hatred for any such features that come close to these pop ups in one way or the other. I lose my cool and become agitated whenever these pop ups stand right in front of me and make their point across in the most annoying manner. These pop ups take ages to get loaded and ultimately open in different windows of the browser which makes me feel incapable of doing anything to remove them from my computer system. These pop ups consume quite a lot of bandwidth and at times display obscene images on my screen which makes me feel really bad (Rohan 2003). I really cannot do anything worthwhile whenever these pop ups appear and I just do not understand what to do with them. My experience with pop ups suggests to me that I am wasting my time in different zones where I must not have gone at all in the first place. I become shocked to see how these pop ups make all of us feel so stupid and dumb at times.
I am of the view that these pop ups are immoral and these advertise things which are in bad taste and spirit. They mean business, however in a very negative way. These must not be allowed and all efforts should be undertaken by the anti- pop up makers to keep away these pop ups which bring tension and a sense of wrath for the users. The unethical nature of these pop ups suggests that the makers of these pop ups and similar advertising messages are people who lack morality within their folds and hence they have little or absolutely no respect for the privacy of computer users. It is important that some legislation is passed under the cyber crime act which takes care of these pop ups and their manufacturers so that they do not play havoc with our lives as and when they wish (Cowan 2004). The morality or the lack thereof could be gauged from the fact that these pop ups have nude images, obscene gestures and illicit messages embedded within them, irrespective of the fact who is sitting on the computer screen and what kind of usage is he employing as far as the computer system is concerned (Thompson 2006). I am of the view that these pop ups must be banned and there should be no law at all that allows them under whatever circumstances that these could arise within. The people who run these pop ups and put them on the Internet should also be taken to task so that they do not put others Internet experience under some form of mental torture.


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