Pop Culture: The Culture of Everyday Life - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper is annotated bibliography that explores such works as “Pop Culture: An Overview” by Tim Delaney, "Role of Recreation in Promoting Social Inclusion" by Donnelly Peter and Jay Coakley, "A. Pop Culture: The Culture of Everyday Life" by Shirley Fedorak. …
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Pop Culture: The Culture of Everyday Life
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Extract of sample "Pop Culture: The Culture of Everyday Life"

Download file to see previous pages “Pop Culture: An Overview” by Tim Delaney was used because it has relevant information to the essay. It provided an understanding of popular culture from a different perspective. It provided a clear difference between popular culture and other cultures. It also has information on the role of popular culture in society and its elements. This information was important in support of the central claim because of the elements of popular culture provided, its role in society and its definition. These were important in making the reader understand that popular culture does not destroy society values and morals.
Cons: The article has no evidence of support from other sources of literature. It means that it is one author’s idea. It could be a credible source of information, but any writing with no evidence of support from other sources reduces reliability. The author may be a prominent person as indicated in the site (A member of the American Culture Association and Popular Culture Association), but lack of citations in his work could be a sign of lack of research. It is not, however, inevitable that if his work is not cited, then he did not conduct any research.
This is an article about social inclusion. It discusses social inclusion as an approach to human development and social well-being. Social inclusion in this article recognizes the importance of diversity and difference in understanding community and national level identity. Social inclusion in the article also calls for recognition of shared aspirations among people and commonality of lived experiences. It shows how social inclusion is more than bringing outsiders in and includes closing social, physical, and economic distances that separate people. It does not only remove barriers between them. There is also information about the five cornerstones of inclusion and how inclusion is built in a community.
This paper was used because it has relevant information about social inclusion. In the essay, social inclusion is one of the outcomes of popular culture. Understanding social inclusion, how it is built, and its cornerstones were very important in understanding how popular culture leads to social inclusion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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