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What You Know About Examples of Good Thesis Statements?

What You Know About Examples of Good Thesis Statements?

By StudentShare

Examples of Good Thesis Statements | What to Know

In learning how to write an argumentative essay it is crucial that you know how to create an effective thesis statement. In any argumentative essay, research paper, dissertation or thesis that you are about to embark on writing, the entire debate springs from what is referred to as a thesis statement. This is the most important part of the introduction of your essay, springing directly from your essay title, introduction and hook, and meshing into the body of the essay comprising the arguments.

Your argumentative essay thesis builds from the historical context of the debate and puts the problem that your paper is trying to solve into perspective. The thesis statement should therefore be strong, clear and concise. The reader should after reading the Title of your essay, the introduction and the hook, be able to immediately derive what the problem is, what solutions you are trying to offer and the arguments you will employ. This is the best example thesis statement.

In summary, the thesis statement is your roadmap to the rest of the essay. If this part of writing your essay proves difficult, you should try getting a sample thesis statement from our professional writers. Get a thesis example that has been narrowed down adequately to fit the entire structure of the rubric from the essay experts. If you are working on a research paper, get thesis statement examples for research papers which might be slightly more difficult for you to come up with.

Thesis Paper Examples | Tips and Tricks

Your thesis statement should be something debatable. Avoid generic or non-debatable statements. For example, imagine developing an essay from a statement such as; “War has negative ramifications.” This statement is generic firstly and reinforces a stance that is already accepted by many, thus there isn’t much need for debate. A better thesis statement example from this above expression would be: “War directly contributes to economic decline by spending much needed finances on military endeavors which don’t generate profit instead of important social ventures.”

The second statement has narrowed the debate down and can introduce issues which might be unfamiliar to the reader. If you read through our examples of good thesis statements, you will note that the statement has been narrowed down significantly into something of human importance that is still debatable Narrowing down the statement allows you to conduct research effectively and focus your writing. If the statement is too wide, you will need a whole range of sources to adequately convince the reader with your arguments.

The use of qualifiers in your thesis statement such as ‘usually’, ‘typically’ and ‘on average’ will also limit the scope of your claims and arguments and introduce the possibility of inevitable exceptions.

Our thesis examples are well-researched and mesh fluidly with the rest of the entire document, including the most important part, the main body. These thesis statement examples are developed based on a position of fact, research and knowledge. We will teach you through these examples how to take a stand on an issue and develop your arguments clearly.

Example of a Thesis Statement | Standing Out

Your thesis statement should accomplish a couple of important things:

  • Introduces the problem and gives a succinct expression of historical context and the writer’s interest in the study.
  • Narrows down the issue and gives the writer’s stance in the expected debate.
  • Suggest argument and logic paths that the author might take.

The best thesis paper examples usually set up claims that the writer plans to use in their paper. See the examples of a thesis below:

“Investing in Blue Energy can solve a number of problems such as the high cost of energy production, pollution brought about by the use of fossil fuels and localization of energy production for nations which don’t have their own oil and gas resources.”

This is an example of thesis statement in which the writer aims to debate the benefits of using Blue Energy technology while at the same time allowing the possibility of there being divergent opinions on this issue. Thesis sentence examples clearly shows the stance of the writer in this impending debate while at the same time setting up the claims that they plan to use in this debate, in this case the cost of energy production, reduction of environmental pollution and the availability of water as a resource and raw material for countries that don’t have their own fossil fuel sources.

This thesis statement example already tells the reader what the debate will be about and how the writer possibly plans on attacking the subject.

Get a Sample Thesis Statement That Delivers

Narrowing down the scope of your study to sufficiently develop the thesis statement might be a fairly difficult task, especially if you aren’t used to writing argumentative essays. Our argumentative thesis statement examples are carefully crafted with derivative essay samples which you can apply and use to create your own masterpiece essays. In case you are having trouble creating your own statements, let our professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

Your argumentative thesis statement phrasing will also influence the kind of argument structure that you choose to adopt. Arguments may be Classical, Rogerian or Toulmin. In Classical argument, the writer provides a definitive stance such as the one in the Blue Energy example presented above. In Rogerian fashion, the writer has to first acknowledge that opposing viewpoints exist in the debate, and the thesis statement will itself have the opposing viewpoint built in its structure. In Toulmin method, concessions will also be made in the arguments with the statement being anticipatory of the Claims, Warrants, Evidence and a possible rebuttal.

Sample Thesis Statement - Let It Be Fluid with Your Arguments

It is frequently encountered that students develop great thesis statements but can’t seem to stick to the arguments that should directly derive from the thesis. Your essay should not be deviatory and should stick to the thesis statement. Good thesis statement examples give the reader a good idea of the direction the study is heading, even after the historical context has been placed in the introduction. Likewise, the arguments including their rebuttals should directly go back to thesis statement, and so should the conclusion.

The best example of a thesis statement will ensure that flow is logical throughout the essay and that every point that you aim to introduce avoids superfluity and unnecessary deviations. The thesis statement should be the link between all the various sections of your essay, and it should ensure fluid transitions between all parts.

Thesis Sentence Examples, Samples and Professional Writing Assistance

We understand how difficult it might be to develop a concise and debatable thesis statement, let alone writing the entire argumentative essay. We have samples, examples and real professionals to help you out whenever you need them.

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