The Great Gatsby: Guide For Your Essay: Chapter 4: Analysis

Chapter 4: Analysis

By F. Scott FitzgeraldRelease Year: 1925

Short Analysis

Chapter four again stresses the wealth and mightiness of the Great Gatsby. The telling starts off with the enormous list of his guests, who had fun and alcohol in his house absolutely for free. Also, the author mentions his luxurious car, the manner of driving and speaking. The situation with the policeman is another demonstration of his place in society.

Also, we notice how unnatural his biography seems to be. The story he tells looks more made up and well-learned than true. The narrator doubts everything said by Gatsby, but once having proof, accepts the story at least partly.

Gatsby gets depicted as an unfaithful man. He seems to be tied up with organized crime, bootlegging, telling lies, underground business, etc. That kind of opinion is promoted by the author in the first part of a chapter.

Still, once Nick meets Jordan, we see the other side of Gatsby’s character. We learn that he is more of a young romantic soldier, who has bravely fought for his country, even though he had to lose his love - Daisy. She got unhappily married to another man. So, after the war, all Gatsby wanted was the attempt of reunion with the woman of his dream.

The green light is a powerful symbol here. It depicts Gatsby’s dream of love, distant and impossible to reach.

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