The Great Gatsby: Guide For Your Essay

The Great Gatsby: Guide For Your Essay

By F. Scott FitzgeraldRelease Year: 1925

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. It was first published in 1925 and did not have any huge success at first. Only after the author died, the second edition of the novel gained surging popularity.

It is hard to say what is The Great Gatsby about, especially if you want to fit it in one sentence. There are several plot lines that have to be traced in a book review for us to gain a complete understanding of the story. We need to consider the general atmosphere of the period first. The story takes place in the early ’20s in the U.S. It was the time of economic growth, alcohol prohibition, jazz, and bootleggers. All this serves as a perfect background to Gatsby’s story, as it shows the hidden origin of his wealth. The novel also contrasts with the famous American dream.

Apart from the general background and atmosphere, we have to consider the characters and their roles throughout the story. Each of them represents a certain class, a certain process in society and a certain psychological blueprint. Each character is skillfully depicted, so it plays a particular role and serves as a symbol, which can be decoded in different ways.

And the decoding of the whole story is left to the reader. That’s probably the best thing about the whole novel.

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