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How to write a handy outline to your essay

How to write a handy outline to your essay

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2017
All the best writers know the secret of a perfect and quick writing. It is not a sleepless night before the deadline or thousands of coffee cups. Should you wish to write a spectacular essay, you’d definitely start with an outline.

How to write a handy outline to your essay

An outline is a simple framework, which consists of the main supporting ideas to a particular topic or subject. Usually, they are written down as a short list, as bullet points or in a simple form of the general plan.

Loads of beginner writers and students skip this step, as they consider it to be time-consuming and highly unnecessary. Still, in this article, we’ll convince you to change your mind.

The outline aims to create a good structure for your future text, organize your thoughts, combine the strongest arguments into one logical chain and make your writing faster or at least easier.

So how will you actually write an outline for your future essay? Try to go through the main points we listed for you here.


How to write a handy outline to your essay

  1. Choose a topic and define the position you are about to support in your paper.
  2. Create a list of arguments you want to present in your article. Each of them will eventually form out a separate paragraph of your essay along with the explanation.
  3. Organize the arguments into a logical chain. Should you have weak arguments, consider to remove them. If that is not possible, put them in the middle of a list. The strongest arguments are usually put last to make a bigger impact.

  4. Find supporting material and place it under each argument. Those materials are examples, facts, figures, theories, quotes and related images.

  5. Review and revise. Think of the weak points of the essay plan, find out how to improve or replace them. Do not forget, though, that your outline is rather a roadmap, not a framework. Do not get too obsessed with it.

Once you know how to organize the process, writing should not appear as a problem anymore. Still, do not rush to start it. We’ve got one more thing prepared for you. We all know that a good example is way better than hundred great explanations. So, we’ve designed an outline with a short description of its main points for you to enjoy.

Sample Outline

We decided to take one of the hottest and popular topics among students and professors, which is ‘4 reasons against abortions.’ The article would aim to express the reasons (physical, psychological, moral, etc.) that speak against abortions. To reach that purpose you would need to use strong arguments and refer to authoritative sources. Also, remember not to get emotional about the topic and try to avoid religious arguments.

So, how can you organize it all in a well-written essay? We’d suggest you a structure like this.

  1. Introduction. Start with pointing out the importance of the discussed issue, include definitions of terms if needed. Tell of the amount of scientific research papers on the topic and how long the issue has been discussed by now.
  1. Body paragraph 1. Start with the first supporting evidence. For example “Lee and George (The Wrong of Abortion) argue that the choice of abortion is ‘objectively immoral,' without even taking into account the personal guilt or innocence of the person(s) involved.” It refers to an authoritative source and speaks against abortions. Good choice to start. Proceed with explaining this thought.
  2. Body paragraph 2. Use facts, like “Fetuses may not be legal persons, but they are human beings nonetheless.” Develop this topic in a few sentences.
  3. Body paragraph 3. Here you can place an argument you consider to be weaker, but still important. For example “Abortion solves one problem by creating multiple others.” List the physical problems that might occur after the abortion.
  4. Body paragraph 4. Choose the last argument. It might be related to moral principles. This would be a good move to complete your essay. For example ‘We’re sanitizing abortion as a form of contraception.” Write a few sentences about this issue, to explain your thought.
  5. Conclusion.

This is a bottom line of your essay. Here you are not allowed to add any kind of new information. Just sum up everything you wrote previously. End up with a short call to action or dramatic note. Like “Abortion is an issue much complexed by our own vile predispositions for comfort. A zygote, an embryo or a fetus is no less human with differences that exist between a child and an old man.  It all boils down to whether taking a life is right or wrong, if not illegal, any way you’d want to think about it. Say no!”

A well-written outline saves you from struggle, helps you to get started, organizes your thoughts and makes your text solid. Take some time to come up with a good outline, and you’ll find out how easy writing can be!

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