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Personal Essay Writing: Easy Tips

Personal Essay Writing: Easy Tips

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Understanding a Personal Essay Writing Process

Different people have varying ways of explaining the thoughts and events that are happening in their lives at any given time. The expert approach requires that you know how to write a personal essay in a way that reflects the personal experience you want to be identified. This is how to start a personal essay:

To begin a personal article, you ought to start writing and let one idea lead to another. In so doing, you will capture details as they unfold in your mind until you have fully exhausted all the ideas regarding your personal life story. It is only by writing down the first words do you get to comprehend what it is you are trying to say fully. You can write it in reflection on any subject matter. Some of the most recurring themes include childhood, relationships, travel, hobbies, isolation, illness, idleness, among others. However, the subject is not always the most important thing in crafting these types of essay - it is the way you treat the subject that determines the quality of your narration. Ideally, personal essays are more concerned with the judgment process other than the final judgment reached by the author. You need to understand all the underlying prejudices and convey them to the target audience as this helps in enriching the essay.

In most instances, the reader is more concerned with the author’s point of view in the write-up. These aspects include what the author thinks, how they think, and why they feel like that. However, your point of view is defined and shaped by the life experiences from occurrences and events over time. Usually, you, as the author, are constantly and systematically revealing yourself to the audience or the reader. As such, consider all the building materials that make your experiences relatable and logical, including your frustrations in life, your sad moments, the humor, and pain, among other things. Always remember that in this type of a write-up, you are speaking in the first-person point of view, and the word "I" is the most important vocabulary, and you ought to take full responsibility for its use and the actions that accompany it.

It seems like everything about writing a personal composition is an easy process. Personal narrative essay examples can cover different topics regardless of gender. It can capture lots of aspects such as respect, love, hatred, rivalry, friendship, competition, cultural identity, mistakes, leadership, and life lessons. The possible topics that one can get are endless. There are no rules that limit any writing work, as it is all about a person's imagination.

Personal Essay Topics You Can Choose From

When assigned an assignment to discuss your life experience, the first thing is to prose different personal essay topics before settling on the one they feel comfortable handling. As a student, you can create an interesting story that captivates the readers and motivates them to read further. To create a masterpiece, consider coming up with an excellent topic that matches the experiences that you can relate to with clarity. You can browse online for different topics that can guide you in writing your essays. There are different personal composition topic ideas one can take advantage of in their assignment write-ups. Here are some topics you can cover:

  • Experience

The main objective of this type of write up is to help the student express their experiences logically and relatable. To write a great essay, you have to sit down and brainstorm all the finer details and gather all thoughts concerning the different life scenarios, both positive and negative. Gather as many details as possible to create an actual picture for the reader. Here are some life experience topics:

  • The most embarrassing life experience.
  • The most frightening life experience.
  • An experience that brought out the real-life values for you.
  • An experience that helped you overcome your weaknesses.
  • An unpleasant encounter with a person or situation.
  • The most embarrassing moment of life.
  • The most memorable family days during childhood.
  • How you first encountered success after a long struggle.

Your experiences are your version of the story and embody your thinking process. You ought to be as free and extensive as possible.

  • Childhood memory

Childhood is always considered a period of bright memories characterized by the best experiences. Children are sincere and naïve and will always get indulged in ridiculous situations. You will have lots of ideas about your childhood you can express on paper. Let all the former occurrences and childhood situations jog your memory before writing your essay.

  • School life

School is the best path to adulthood where you, as the student, gain the essential skills and knowledge for life. Ideally, school events and years present diverse challenges that contribute to your overall personality development. You have a chance to be original when focusing on your school experiences since you can directly relate and recall.

  • Relationships

Every person’s life is tangled in relationships that have developed along the course of their living. Everyone is bound to different memories relating to friends, family, and other beloved people. Your story about these people in your life will always have a distinct narrative since you understand the extent of your interactions. Your story about them will have a unique tone and private character that only you can relate to or describe. On relationships, you can focus on the following:

  • About a relationship that changed your life.
  • About a personal relationship that led to devastating outcomes.
  • An experience when you underwent a breakup.
  • A ridiculous misunderstanding with a close family member.
  • The worst argument you experienced with your parents.
  • The worst friendship breakup that defines your life to date.
  • Your first love experience and how it impacted you.
  • The person who you fear to lose at all costs.

With these topics in mind, you have a better starting point. So what is a personal essay? Well, based on the explanations provided above, you will understand that personal or individual essays are write-ups that express a person’s experiences.

This is How to Start a Personal Narrative

Just like any other essay, to produce the best personal essays, one needs to understand the structure of this essay type before commencing. Jot down the list of all things, both inspiring and demoralizing to include in your paper and everything else that relates to the chosen topic. Having these components will help you figure out what to include in the entire paragraph and paper.

If you are concerned about how to start a personal narrative, then follow this simple process:

  • The introduction

Starting your essay will begin from the introduction part. Here, begin with a hook, an inspiring statement that will grab the attention of the reader and provoke them to look at the entire paper. Also, apart from intriguing them and having them read your paper from cover to cover, make sure to introduce the focal idea for your writing.

  • Body paragraphs

The second section under the personal essay format is the body section. Here, develop fewer paragraphs and inform the audience about the chosen topic regarding your personal life. Each time you feel withdrawn from the main ideas, refer to the outline you prepared earlier. Begin every paragraph with an introductory sentence that sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph. Follow up with supporting information such as evidence and later conclude the paragraph with a resolve. The conclusion should also set the pace for the preceding paragraph to offer a logical progression and avoid sharp transitions since they kill the overall paper flow.

Remember, your write-up should focus more on showing the reader as opposed to telling. Add descriptive words that sweeten the experience and make it vivid, just like you felt on the said occasion. Your descriptions should portray the emotions and feelings that provoke sympathy from your audience. Follow a chronological order of the events as a way to avoid getting lost along the way.

  • Conclusion

The end of your experience essay should, among other things, be short and reasonable. It should last no more than ten sentences at most and bear the final paper opinion. To stress the importance of the topic, share some lessons and insights that will highlight the importance of the chosen experience. Finally, prepare a parting shot or a take-home point that will leave the reader intrigued and impressed at the same time. If you don't understand what it entails to write a reasonable conclusion, preview a personal narrative essay example written by a professional as a guide.

Understanding How to Write Personal Experiences Essay

Writing a personal experience essay is geared towards sharing a personal experience that was both elaborate and appealing to you. For many students, the dilemma lies in finding the best experience and the words to adequately express how it happened and how it impacted their lives. However, before you begin your personal experiences essay, the most basic statement that comes out of your mind should focus on showing what happened.

If you are considering how to write a personal essay for college, then this is a guide for you. First, consider creating an outline for your essay paper starting with the introduction, the main body, and eventually the conclusion. Follow a chronological order in describing the events that happened since it allows you to capture events as they unfold. In personal writing, ensure your chosen experiences are as exciting as possible. Therefore, start with selecting the best experience in your life and describe vividly, the knowledge that you consider crucial.

In the school setting, students are usually presented with a free personal narrative essay without limitations from the teacher or instructor. This allows the student to freely pick and event, and recall details of the experience without external pressure. However, you should make sure that you can communicate with the reader and capture the entire experience.

Personal Narrative Examples College Level

When writing a personal essay, the most important thing is how you make the readers feel afterward. If they share your experiences through your clarity in explaining, then you have achieved your writing goal. However, there is no guarantee that the reader will flow with the author on every instance, especially when writing highly demanding papers such as personal narrative examples college level and examples of personal essay in doctorate levels.

You need to understand the professional approach to unravel and discussing issues then mimic to create your expert essay. Here is a format on how to write a personal narrative essay:

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • conclusion

As you will see in any examples of a personal essay written by a professional writer, each section has a prescribed way of presentation. For instance, the body section should consist of not more than three paragraphs, with each having five sentences at most. This ensures that the reader remains glued with the rest of the paper other than quitting after just one paragraph.

As part of the essay, it is fundamental that you set aside enough time to reflect before you analyze. The ability of the essayist to linger and draw out any point of view regarding their experiences amounts to one of the most important elements of your write-up. The more you reflect on an issue or an event that happened before giving your analysis and the discussion of the subject, the richer and meaningful your deductions will be in the end. Follow your writing style and use your voice as much as possible. Your essay is merely a conversation between the thinker, the writer, and the reader. As such, seek to inculcate other aspects and elements of good writing such as tone variations, humor, and sarcasm. These elements come handy in giving your essay a good flow and enhance the conversational readability for the reader.

You must be a good storyteller to write a great essay. Good essays will always bring about the best storytelling devices to enhance descriptions of places, people, events, incidents, conflicts, and conversations. Including these elements brings your essay to a consumable level where readers can not only enjoy the flow but stop to make reflections about your story.

Intimacy in your write-up is another core element of a personal essay. Consider different personal essay examples that have earned good ratings from readers. You will realize that it infuses a sense of belonging for the reader, where they can empathize with the author whether they have had similar experiences in the past. Also, you will notice that every essay has a generalizing quality that seeks to interest the reader in the details an author is trying to convey. The best way to create a generalization in your essay is to tell the author about things they know of, but have never had a chance to voice them. Tell them about things they could hardly imagine in their normal environments and general mental conditions.

Importance of Personal Essays Examples

In light of the different paper and personal essays examples, some tips and secrets make a great final write-up.

  • Remain truthful to the events that occurred in life.
  • Organize your ideas in a chronological order using a draft.
  • Stick to the paper outline, and the structure provided in the introduction.
  • Be as precise but capture as much detail.
  • Connect the paper to your personal life.
  • Remain positive.
  • Show both the negative and positive sides.

In addition to using proven tips for successful writing, it is a good practice that you have a personal essay outline as a guide for the rest of the paper. In addition to having a great outline, it is imperative to follow a delicate approach to the choice of topic. Some personal essay ideas are worth pursuing but may lead to catastrophic endings. As a good practice, it is advisable to stick to certain approaches which have been approved by either the school or the teacher.

If you are working on a personal related essay, avoid topics that will lead you to stray from the original narrative. Further, stick to personal essay formats that are professionally approved and which help one create a fulfilling write-ups according to standards. If you are having any doubts about the choice of topic, format, structure, or content, retrace the study lecture or ask your instructor for guidance.

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  • Personal Essay Writing: Easy Tips
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