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Cause and Effect Essay: Useful Writing Tips, Examples and Topics

Cause and Effect Essay: Useful Writing Tips, Examples and Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Here’s How to Draft a Stellar Cause and Effect Essay

In the course of your student life, you will be asked to work on many different papers, including term papers, research proposals, theses, dissertations, and essays. One particular article that most people find challenging is the cause and effect essay. This is a project where the author is expected to outline a chain of causation of phenomena or events. Your instructor will expect a paper in which you deploy your analytical skills as well as cognitive ability. The outcome should be a clear and concise presentation that links two or more issues or phenomena. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write a cause and effect essay. Here, we present some useful tips to improve your skills, as well as valuable topics and examples.

How to Define Cause and Effect Writing

To properly define cause and effect writing, we need to look at the two main parts. Here, purpose implies the factor(s) responsible for the occurrence of something. Fact, on the other hand, imply the outcomes arising from an event or phenomenon. So, what is this type of assignment?

What Is Cause and Effect Essay? Why Write One?

Before we delve into how to draft an outstanding paper, we should first consider what is cause and effect writing. This is essentially a type of assignment where the author examines a scenario or even and explores either its consequences or causes. For instance, when assigned a topic relating to global warming, you should either talk about the implications of global warming, and the underlying factors resulting in the phenomenon.

‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ are common questions, whether you want to know the causes of illness for treatment or prevention, or just to satisfy curiosity. In this respect, an object is something that results in a condition or event, while an effect is the outcome of a situation. The goal of this type of assignment is to determine the relationship between deferent kinds of events or phenomena.

What Is the Right Cause and Effect Essay Outline?

Like every other type of academic writing, you will need to follow the appropriate cause and effect essay outline. This type of project starts with a general introduction of the topic, which ends with a clear and concise thesis. The central claim states the main effect or the main cause of a condition or event. The essay can be organized into two main formatting styles. You could start with a purpose then proceed to the effects, or begin from an effect then present the causes. Whatever approach you use, make sure to elucidate each element completely. Remember, clarifying complex associations demands adequate use of evidence, including statistics, expert testimony, and scientific evidence. You will also need to use specific transitional phrases and words that denote the linkage between phenomena.

How to Draft the Body Paragraph Outline

Writing a stellar body paragraph outline requires careful planning. You should begin by selecting an event or condition that you think has an interesting connection. Your paper should start engagingly and end the introduction with a clear thesis. Within each section of the cause effect essay, you should elucidate and support your points using credible evidence. In cases where there are multiple causes or effects, you can choose to order them in terms of importance. In other words, plan your points form the most to the least important and vice versa. Use transitional phrases of causation when trying to highlight connections between the various events or conditions. This will assist with orienting the reader and organizing your ideas. A good paper ends with a clear conclusion that summarizes the main ideas or points and restates the central claim.

Here are some important steps:

Come Up with a Set of Topics and Pick One

The topic you choose will shape how well you write. Unless you have been assigned a specific topic in your prompt, then you have the freedom to make your pick. However, permission to choose causal argument topics can also be stressful as the process requires careful planning. You need something specific and narrow enough to be comprehensively covered within the indicated word count. The best way to proceed with selecting a topic is to create a list. This does not need pre-editing. Just brainstorm and note down anything that comes to mind on the subject.

Once you have created a list, you can then proceed to select one that you intend to write on. Remember, the ideal topic is one that you already find interesting. This will make the paper more fun to research and write. As with all the other aspects of the assignment, the topic should be linked to the instructions provided in the prompt.

Brainstorm to Choose Cause or Effect

Even before you sit down to start your writing, you should prepare a plan on how to proceed. Once you have selected one of our several possible cause and effect essay topics, it will be time for brainstorming. This is where you think about and note down anything that comes to mind on a subject. Consider the angle you intend to take when approaching the issue, whether it is the effect or the cause angle. Remember, it may not be immediately obvious which direction has more content, meaning that you may need to do some preliminary research.

Conduct Research

The secret to writing stellar cause and effect essays is conducting thorough research and using credible evidence to support arguments. When researching, make sure that you only use relevant and up-to-date sources. Remember, the more evidence you have, the more successful your work will be. Take detailed notes as you research material, preparing a working outline in the process. You are also likely to discover common questions and trends you continue with the reading. This will come in handy when preparing your central claim. When the time comes for writing your paper, you should make sure that all the evidence and examples from other sources are carefully recognized within the text and in a reference list at the end of the document. Of course, you should make sure that you use the appropriate citation style.

Create a Clear, Specific, and Arguable Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is arguably the most important element of well-written cause and effect examples. A good thesis also referred to as the central claim should orient your readers to the rest of the text. You should use this element of your work to demonstrate why your reader should care about the topic and should summarize your main argument. An example of a well-written thesis is:

“The rise of global e-commerce businesses has made it harder from traditional brick and mortar retailers, leading to their increased decline, and fewer choices for consumers.”

This example demonstrates why the reader should be concerned about the decline of brick and mortar retailers. It also introduces the main aspect of your research and what your audience can expect when they read your paper.

Draft a Clear Outline

One thing that may not be apparent from the examples of cause and effect papers, and which is critical to the writing process is outlining. The outline of this type of essay will depend, to a large extent, on the instructions provided by your instructor. In most cases, however, quality papers follow this structure:

  • Introduction with a catchy hook and a clear thesis
  • Well-supported body paragraphs
  • A concise conclusion, where you restate your thesis and summarize your key points

Remember to use transitions to connect the various points, and only to present one main idea in each paragraph.

Start Writing Your Draft As Soon As Possible

While preparation is important, you also need to make sure that you leave enough time for the actual writing. Once you have an outline and you have completed the research, get to drafting. Remember, this is not the time to worry about the accuracy of your spellings or formatting. There will be time for editing and proofreading much later. Make sure to use statistics, evidence, and examples to offer strength to your arguments. Follow your outline.

Make Time for Editing and Proofreading

Proofreading is a critical element of effective assignment writing. One of the main reasons why students fail in their projects is the failure to identify and correct typos and grammar mistakes. Take a break from the actual writing before coming back to read through the draft carefully. Make changes for grammar, spelling, formatting, content, and typos. Of course, it is often a good idea to involve professional editors and proofreaders or to ask for assistance from your friend.

Where Can One Get Topics and Examples of Cause and Effect Essays?

If you are struggling with your assignment and need inspiration, the first place to look is examples of cause and effect essays and topic online. From there, you can learn how to proceed with your paper. You can also benefit from lists of topics online, which you can then customize to suit your purposes. You need to be careful, however, since not every example you encounter online will be of the required quality. We recommend getting cause and effect essay examples and topics from top assignment companies like ours.

Here are some examples of well-formulated topics:

  • The role of micronutrients and dietary intake in morbidity
  • The impact of globalization on brick and mortar retail business
  • The relationship between exercise and diabetes among older persons
  • The effect of autocratic leadership on motivation and employee performance
  • The connection between sleep deprivation and hospital errors among nurses

These are just some examples of cause and effect topics feel free to contact us for more custom topics in line with your assignment prompt.

Key Takeaways from Reading this Article

As has been stated, the goal of cause and effect sentences is to determine how various events or phenomena are connected. Use the thesis to state what you consider as the primary cause or effect. You can organize your essay by starting with the cause followed by the effect or vice versa. Either way, make sure to use strong evidence. This is particularly important for cause and effect writing because of the complexity of determining connections between events or issues. Transitions and phrases of relationship are also important.

When Should You Seek Writing Assistance?

Of course, the tips provided here, combined with cause and effect essay examples for college and out lists of topics, can help with improving the quality of your writing. However, understand that student life can be quite challenging, and you may need assistance every once in a while. It could be because you do not have enough time for research, or you lack the skills needed to complete outstanding papers. Whatever the case, we suggest working with professional writers. Most of these experts have had time to perfect their craft and can help with any type of assignment.

Where Can Students Get Good Topics?

As has been noted, finding an interesting and manageable topic is the secret to stellar writing. If you don’t know how to select an item, you can search for custom assignment help from top professional found on social networking sites. However, don’t just trust anyone who claims to have good cause and effect topics. There are some legit freelancers out there, but there are also swindlers posing as online writers. Vet your expert before asking for assistance. Make sure, for instance, that he or she has the necessary academic qualifications and experience.

Don’t Hesitate! Get Help with Cause and Effect Papers Here

We have been helping students with complicated cause and effect assignments for some time. Whether you need assistance with a cause and effect paragraph, topic, or entire custom papers, we can help. Order your paper from a safe, private, affordable, and reliable service here.
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  • Cause and Effect Essay: Useful Writing Tips, Examples and Topics
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