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Popular Narrative Essay Topics

Popular Narrative Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Narrative Essay Topics | Beginning Your Writing

Among the various genres of essays, narrative essays might be the easiest to write because they don’t require any research and derive from our own personal thoughts and experiences. Narrative essays require writing in the first person, and may take the form of personal essays, speeches, autobiographies and stories.

Students like working on narrative essay topics because they are devoid of the strict structural requirements of regular essays. Writers can make use of their creativity and imagination when writing these essays. This means that the writer has more freedom effectively when writing, but at the same time needs to up the bar in terms of impressing the reader with the essay. It also doesn’t imply that the writer need not adhere to some form of structure or logical coherence.

While it may seem from the dynamic nature of the writing process that students can write whichever way they prefer with these papers, it is of utmost importance to choose narrative essays topics that are close to the writer’s heart. Students will need to express themselves clearly, making use of emotion, and being anecdotal in nature. The writer should give as much vivid detail of characters, plots, scenes, a climax and a conclusion.

Our team has quite the ample number of English narrative essay topics, samples and other examples that students can use if they want to make their writing better, or if they are out of ideas about what to write on. Get writing tips that help you stand out and engage your audience completely.

Topics for Narrative Essays | Organizing a Winning Essay

While narrative essays, especially personal narrative essays are highly introspective, there should be a proper account of events in time, a central running theme and an ability to support the factuality of those events with rich details. The idea is to make your essay relatable to the person reading it, by evoking real emotions and stimulating feelings.

Personal narrative essay topics derive from the real-life experiences of writers, and may derive from topics such as unforgettable vacation experiences, an important decision that had to be made, an event that changed your perspective on life or someone that completely changed your way of thinking. There’s really no limit to how or what you can write.

Good narrative essay topics focus on plot and character development, and they also seek to explore the development of the writer’s persona as the story unravels. The best story tellers are able to build some level of suspense in their writing. It therefore means that the story should be well thought-out and the writer should be able to have a vision of the story that they want to express.

Being so varied in nature means that student might face great difficulty choosing topics for a narrative essay. The best place to start is their own personal experiences. It is highly unlikely that anyone can express another person’s story without being disingenuous. At the same time, many folks might assume that narrative essays are completely limited to fictional writing, which they are not.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you settle on topics for narrative essays:

  • Your intro is your apex line of defense, and is the first thing about your essay that the reader gets to see. With a catchy intro and a nice hook to ring with it, you may make the reader more interested in what you have to say and flip those pages.
  • Be creative but realistic: Contrary to what many students might think, narrative essays are not just another way of spinning fiction writing. Real facts should be presented in a creative way. The reader should be able to relate with the experience presented by the writer in a way that isn’t fantasy.
  • The anticipated audience matters. This will affect the word choice and tone used when writing the narrative essay. Imagine and anticipate your audience’s reaction with each sentence that your write.
  • The story should be coherent and should have a specific theme driving it. There is a tendency by many students writing these essays to dawdle and produce superfluous information simply because there aren’t any structural limitations.
  • Remember, perspective is everything. While the entire essay is based on the viewpoint of the writer, that viewpoint can evolve over time, just as the experience, scenarios and lessons change over the course of the story.
  • The intention isn’t to convince the reader on anything, rather to tell an interesting story. Make use of stylistic devises such as humor, satire, reflection, rhetorical devices, allegories, metaphors and others that you feel may provoke reaction from the audience.
  • The story should flow fluidly from one section to the other. The student should make effective use of whitespace and there should be total coherence in the entire thought process.

Going About Choosing Narrative Essays Topics

Seeing as there is a lot to write about, students may find it difficult settling on narrative essay topics ideas. The topics should be relatable and the writer should immediately be able to tell whether a good story would come from the selected topic. If you can’t think of good topics for a narrative essay think about the following:

  • Personal experiences
  • Different types of relationships
  • Travels that you have been on
  • Activities that you enjoy doing
  • Talents, gifts and other things that you are good at
  • Life lessons
  • Special memories
  • Weaknesses and strengths

We all have something to write about. But some people may not have the best talents of expression, and it is up to agencies like ours to provide them with the resources to get better with time. Our professional writers are clearly up to the task of helping you develop the best solutions for your writing, with real papers, tips, tricks, samples and college narrative essay topics that you can choose from.

One unique thing about the examples of narrative essay topics that we offer is the fact that they will help you connect emotionally to the reader. A narrative essay doesn’t limit you to specific material nor does it require you to be unnecessarily serious with technical details. However, the first question you should ask yourself is what kind of emotion you want to elicit from your reader.

Narrative essay topics for college students might be slightly more complex and find great practical use in Literature and the Arts. These essays may also be of practical benefit if they are used as application essays because they often tend to give a more personal side to the student’s story.

Examples that should serve up some exciting topics for narrative essays for college students include:

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • A strange encounter in your life.
  • An incident of success or failure that shaped you.
  • A difficult decision that you eventually had to come to.
  • A memorable interview that you had.
  • A brush with death or another chance at greatness.

These are just a variety of the topics that you’d find under our website handle. You can even get funny narrative essay topics such as embarrassing and humorous experiences in your life, to one of the best comedies you have ever seen. There’s really no limit to what you can write about.

You should however look at what kind of point you want to drive home and what kind of impact you are looking to make with your essay. The easiest way to anticipate a reaction from your audience is putting yourself in the same shoes and see what your reaction to the story would be were you hearing it for the first time.

Narrative Essay Topics Ideas for High School

If you are a high school student and you’re just beginning to find your voice but still can’t find a story that suites your brand of writing, you should check out our hot narrative essay topics for high school students. Get ideas straight from the oven of our professional writers.

We teach you how to develop a catchy hook and immediately catch your reader by the rungs.

Most times, a great Title is the difference between you picking up a book to read it or not. If you want your reader to catch on immediately, the best place to start would be right from the Title. It should be bold and incendiary, and the reader should feel like reading more immediately after making their way through the title.

Our writers are real professionals and they can help you with developing the proper outline for your essay if you are completely lost on where to start.

Order your paper or take away great tips right here!

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