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What was the main theme of chapter six in the Douglas narrative Why was it important - Assignment Example

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It is evident that Mrs. Auld is a kind and industrious mistress who is willing to teach Douglas how to read and write (Douglass 28). This is because she believes that the slaves…
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What was the main theme of chapter six in the Douglas narrative Why was it important
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"What was the main theme of chapter six in the Douglas narrative Why was it important"

Download file to see previous pages The treatment of slaves in Baltimore town is humane as compared to the rural masters who mistreat their servants.
The theme of knowledge and empowerment is important because it enables one to have the freedom the mind and feel respected. For instance, it is evident when Mrs. Auld insists to Douglas that education helps in freeing the mind. Initially, Mrs. Auld had not owned a slave and so she thinks that it is bad not to educate them on the basics. She indicates that education is the first step towards attaining physical and mental freedom (Douglass 30). The chapter ends with Douglas illustrating the fury over the mistreatment of Mary, who is a slave in the neighboring house. Although slavery is the prevalent theme, Douglas discovers that it is influenced by their lack of knowledge. It emerges that attaining education helps in understanding that slavery is unaccepted and people should avoid it. The whites take advantage of their slaves by owning them as property because they cannot fight for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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