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Fredrick Douglas - Essay Example

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The narrative offers shocking descriptions of the horror of slavery especially how slavery as an institution degrades both the slaves and…
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Fredrick Douglas
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Extract of sample "Fredrick Douglas"

Download file to see previous pages nfairness, and he points out the undeserved whippings, extreme physical exertion, inconsistent punishments, killings, and the taking away of children from their mothers as incongruous brutality (Douglass ch 1). However, the narrative offers an interesting awareness of how to overcome adversity by revealing how knowledge especially through education can be a powerful tool in which people can free themselves from any form of mind control and oppression.
Therefore, the aim of this response paper is to explain how Douglass narration is unique and effective in demonstrating the physical and mental outcome of slavery for a wide range of audiences, and how his use of several styles has enabled him to describe the sickness of abhorrence which can make human beings to treat their fellow humans as beasts of possessions.
The main target audience for Douglass work seems to be the then Northern audience who were mainly educated whites, and had a greater conviction for greater social freedom. This is evident in chapter 4, whereby he reveals how the northern cities allowed him to freely connect with diverse kinds of individuals with novel intellectual ideas (Douglass). Also, in the preface he elaborates this by asserting that the debate in the north regarding slavery focused on the masters, and such a biased perspective without providing the real accounts of the slaves themselves only sustained the Southern slavery through its real and contrived approaches of imprisoning blacks (Douglass ch 1). Secondly, he also wanted the southern slave owners to read his works and in his conclusion, he asserts that hopefully his works will make the slaveholders to be more frantic regarding any thoughts of hidden antagonists around them, who are set to take away their slaves or obstruct them in reclaiming their runaway slaves (Douglass ch 10).
However, one gets a perception that he was also targeting the slaves themselves since he has come out very strongly regarding what he calls the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fredrick Douglasss a personality who struggled very hard in his life and can be seen as a shining star by his appreciators. Frederick Douglas was born in 1818 at Maryland (Lampe, 1998). As a child, he learnt to read and write by the support of white children and men as he used to notice them reading and writing. From his childhood, he identified that only education can transform his status from a slave to a freeman. He tried multiple times to run away from his masters and at last became successful. He thought about running from slavery to freedom by the support of his education. He also used to read newspapers with the help of which, he was able to comprehend political and social content (McFeely, 1991). He believed in his right of...
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...?Research essay about Frederick Douglass Generally, growth and development of a society are indebted to the contributions by social/ political reformers. When socio-political development is superimposed into the context of the American society, Frederick Douglass is one among the social/ political reformers in the mainstream society. To be specific, Frederick Douglass’s life history is interconnected with the socio-political development of the African Americans in America. At the same time, Frederick Douglass was the part of a mass movement in favor of equality and against the discrimination based on racial identity and skin color. Thesis statement: The social, political and literary contributions of Frederick Douglass prove his... essay...
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...and leadership are not erased because sometimes he got more out of a task than other times. Douglass was an advocate for his people. His primary focus was to effect positive changes for those people. Nay Sayers will always be able to argue that he didn't quite understand the constitution, or that his motives were self-serving. At the time, though, the people he sought to help would have been pleased to have Douglass on their sides. To say that Douglas was affected by his life as a slave is far too simplistic. Having been a slave affected everything he did after his escape. Yet, he wasn't s cynically a figure that he mistrusted all white people. He accepted help from white people, and acknowledged that. He eventually...
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...Fredrick Douglass Order No. 337897 No. of pages: 5 6530 Introduction ‘The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas’ is a touching tale that takes place against the backdrop of the slave trade that was rampant in those days. The story tells of how Fredrick Douglass, a slave was born in Tuckahoe in the Talbot County and not knowing the date when he was born, in fact none of the slaves knew. It was rumored that his white master for whom he worked was his original father, but even so, he was not allowed to ask about any details concerning him because it was considered impertinent. I presume the reason for him to call himself an ‘American slave’ would have been this. Harriet...
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