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Popular Common App Essay Topics

Popular Common App Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Open Doors into the Future with Your Common App Essay

Once the college application season starts, students and those applying to universities in the US will go into overdrive, trying to complete all aspects of their applications in good time so as to review them and make sure they are perfect. As an applicant, you may have stellar grades, an amazing record in school, community and other extracurricular activities. Your SAT scores might be right up there with the greats and your GPA would have any college with its marbles right begging you to go there. But just how important is the college admissions essay?

For the Class of 2018, Harvard got 34,295 freshmen applications and only 2,023 applications, representing roughly 5% of that number got acceptance. Assuming that all the applicants were brilliant students who could beat any application with their exemplary grades and outstanding records, what set the 5% apart?

Your Common App college essay and personal statement give potential schools a look into your personality, character and the value system that you espouse. Some universities might only require the Common App essay while others have their own in-house essay to be submitted alongside the common app. Either way, your application essay is what could set you apart from thousands of other applicants who have similar or even better academic credentials.

The pressure of having an entire application, and their future in effect, depend in great part on just a single piece of writing as the Common Application essay weighs heavily on many students, and they find it extremely difficult to create a compelling essay. With a January submission deadline fast approaching and you still don’t have any fresh ideas that sound compelling enough, you should think about getting writing assistance from the very best admissions essay writers online.

We not only provide professional and experienced writing assistance with college admission essays, we also have great Common App essay tips for those who aren’t too sure about how to approach these essays. The common misconception among students is that these essays require them to wear their entire lives on their sleeves and summarize everything with just one essay. Our professional writers will help you understand the various Common App essay prompts and create a compelling essay based on what you are most comfortable with. We provide these expert services at affordable prices because we believe that your dream college should be a reality.

Tackling the Common Application Essay

The first instinct that most students get when first skimming through Common App essay ideas is to immediately go for that non-existent ‘superman’ story, pitting them against great odds and finally overcoming these setbacks with a compelling comeback. While there is a prompt for this exact scenario, the daunting reality is that most applicants don’t have such a story, and they have to settle for other less-appealing prompts or they have to fake a story which is ill-advised. You’ve probably heard stories of applicants who got acceptance into 6 Ivies and impossible-to-get into schools with stories of brilliant applications and essays. These standards can seem insurmountable to the average student who also dreams of getting into the same colleges.

While your essay works in tandem with other parts of your application and doesn’t in itself guarantee you acceptance into the college that you desire, it will give you that great push that may make or break your application.

Common App essays will typically be based on the following prompts:

  • Sharing your background, an interest, a talent or a passion that would make your application meaningful.
  • Recounting a setback, challenge or failure that affected or effected a change in your perspective or ethic.
  • Describing a problem that you’d like to solve or have solved, its significance and what lessons you can draw from the solutions.
  • Your questioning or challenging of a belief or idea and the outcome of that sojourn.
  • An event, occurrence or realization that led to a period of personal growth.
  • A captivating topic, idea or concept that completely engages you.
  • An essay topic of your own choosing or design, different from the above prompts.

These prompts are revised on occasion, although these are the usual. A good number of applicants have stories that can fit perfectly into these prompts. Others have practiced writing their essays for months or years and are already prepared for these inevitable prompts. A small minority might get away with writing an average essay because their accomplishments both within and outside of the classroom might offset this. For the vast majority, however, coming up with an essay that fits these prompts is usually a difficult challenge.

The best Common App essays are usually introspective, and they aim to let the reader know more about the writer. The admissions officer isn’t looking for the story with most sauce. Plus, essays about how you made a winning comeback have been exhausted almost to the point of borderline cliché. Our writers have the unique advantage of working, not just on Common App essays, but college admissions essays and personal statements for applications all around the world. We have seen thousands of stories and Common App essay topics that you can read through to get new ideas or to overcome your writer’s block.

We take time to know a bit about the applicant before we can write that story that knocks the socks right off your admissions officer. If you need the inspiration to write your own application essay, check out our Common App essay examples that should jump-start your writing.

Our Common App Essay Topics Tip the Balance in Your Favor

Understanding the 7 prompts provided is the easy part. Finding an essay topic that is compatible and reflects your own story is much difficult. If you are applying to a school that requires as much as 3 personal essays, including the Common App, you will require sufficient motivation and ideas to get your writing off the ground.

The Common Application essay examples that we provide derive directly from the essay prompts provided. We place ourselves in the shoes of students and create topics and samples that are close as possible to the required prompts. We relate these prompts to your own unique life story, even if we don’t know you personally.

You’ll notice one thing about the college essay examples Common App that we avail: they all have very catchy and appropriate titles that are designed to immediately draw in your reader to the story. Our essays are derived directly from our own success stories with students who have worked with us before and who have gotten into their dream colleges. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Check our topics:

1. Impact Of Social Media On The Business World
2. Math Early Childhood
3. Muti media marketing Indiviual Report
4. Networking and operating systems
5. Mobile Business Technologies
6. Airline industry applications
7. Criminal Law 2
8. Marketing principles: Apple Inc
9. The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
10. Criminal defence of provocation

Qualities of the Best Common App Essays

The most successful application essays have stand-out features which would make anyone give them a second read. These are features which are a signature of all our essays.

Your essay should pick one primary focus, with a background story and heavy use of imagery that seeks to reinforce the writer’s point. All great stories have a catchy introduction which immediately hooks the reader and leads into the broader narrative that the writer wants to convey. Your story doesn’t have to be graphically outstanding, but it should be highly personal and relatable to the reader, and the story should have an emotional touch to it.

Good Common App essays always have a punchy opening line and the reader should immediately discern the distinct voice of the author from the opening line. Make anecdotal observations and use lively examples that don’t bore the reader. The use of clichés is highly discouraged and don’t aim to tell your story from another person’s perspective. The entire story should flow seamlessly from start to finish. Common App will limit the number of words that you can use to a few hundred. If you are only limited to say, 500 words, make sure every sentence counts. Avoid superfluity and veering off tangent.

Common App Essay Ideas for Transfer Students

The Common App is also used by students who want to change colleges. Whether you are applying to equally competitive colleges or ones which have some variance in their selectiveness, you need to write a compelling essay that will help convince the admissions officer of your suitability for their college. We have plenty of Common App transfer essay examples that address the probable reasons of you wanting to transfer and what you would achieve with the move.

Our professional writers will also assist you in answering frequent Common App essay questions based on previously successful responses and our own experience with the college application essay.

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