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updated 10 months ago

How to write a professional development portfolio? Did anyone has a sample

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1 Answer
updated 11 months ago

Professional Portfolio is one of the best ways to present your work and skills to the future employer. Thus, of course, you want it to be perfect. Remember, your portfolio should never be a mess of all the work samples you’ve ever done. Also, besides having the examples of your work, it should include several tiny things, which would impress the interviewer and make a winning impact.

There are three simple steps to follow for perfect portfolio completion.

  1. Decide on a form of the portfolio. Usually, it is a 3-ring binder, so I’d stick to that. Remember to include the dividers, so that your materials are categorized and organized correctly.
  2. Think about the materials you want to include. Insert a brief explanation of your career goals and make it a first page. Secondly goes your CV. After it consists of a page with a detailed description of your skills and experience. Include your accomplishments if you feel like it is appropriate. Add samples of your work (only best ones and relevant to the vacancy). Insert a list of professional development activities (conferences, workshops, etc.) It won’t hurt if you add any career-related degrees, certifications, testimonials, letters of recommendations, references from people who can verify your strengths and work ethics.
  3. Divide all these materials into corresponding sections and create a table of contents.

That’s all. Seems like a ton of work to do, but in reality, it is not that complicated. Also, once you finish, you’d be so proud of yourself, that nobody would be able to stop you from getting that perfect job offer you crave for!

Sorry, I don’t have a decent example. I completed my portfolio ages ago. Hope the detailed description helps!

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