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updated 9 months ago

Compare and contrast Karl Marx and Max Weber's views on social stratification

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updated 10 months ago

Well, that definitely seems to be a good topic for an essay, but a bad one for a question in a small q&a section. The issue is a way to complicated and too big to be answered here.

What I suggest is you try to go through several decent samples of what other student completed when had same assignment. Here is what I have found for you

(1) Is Inequality inevitable (2) From Karl Marx', Max WEBER', Vilfredo Paretto',and Emile Durkhein' theories,discuss the explanations which are characterizing social class and stratification

Compare and contrast Karl Marx's and Max Weber's ideas about capitalism. Which points does Weber against to Marx

Comparing the way that Karl Marx and Max Weber perceive social classes

The Differences and Similarities on the Views of Power of 3 Sociologists: Max Weber, Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx

The Comparison of Karl Marx and Max Weber

If that would be not enough, you can try the search over the website yourself; there are many more samples to go through. Also, you  can try other services to complete own essay, like

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Good luck!

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