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Tom Regan's essay "The Case for Animal Rights"

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Tom Regan is an American Philosopher, who in the year 1983 wrote a book “The Case for Animal Rights.” In this text, the author claims that probably several non-human animals should have moral rights, for they are the ‘subjects-of-a-life,’ and thus those rights should be given to them regardless of whether they are recognized or not.

So, this text is devoted to speaking for the rights of animals, and, also, is considered to be on of the most significant works in the field. The whole text is all about the author's beliefs, and ideas of the rights animals should have.

Holmes Rolston, III, University Distinguished Professor, Colorado State University has brilliant words to serve as the review of the book. He states that “Tom Regan’s now classic Case for Animal Rights blends careful argument with intense moral concern. For two decades, where Regan has been taken seriously, animals have been better off, and people have become better persons. This new edition is a welcome sign of this influence continuing.”

Also, there are loads of wonderful researches on this book, as it was a great breakthrough for the animal rights movements. This one in particular speaks of Regan’s attitude towards animal rights in his book: Tom Regan and Animal Rights.

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