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Speciesism in Peter Singer's paper "All Animals Are Equal"

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This paper written by Peter Singer argues the point, that each non-human animal should be treated as a human being, because they are equal to human beings. Singer himself was born in Australia in 1946. Nowadays he appears to be the moral philosopher, whose works are mainly concentrated on animals, their rights, and ethics. This remarkable fighter defines speciesism to be the biased kind of behavior, which is being friendly towards own species and being hostile to other species. He tries to prove his point of view. Thus he makes three claims to support it and act against speciesism.

#1.  Equality is based on similar thought.

#2. Equality is an ethical idea not based on facts.

#3. The ability to suffer is a requirement for rights.

Singer also expresses a significant thought, that without speciesism there would be no inequality at all. That one, as for me, is the mos significant idea you can develop in your essay or review. Think of it, if only all the species considered each other as the part of their own group, there would be only one species group than, and, consequently no inequality.

There are also several arguments supporting those previously mentioned claims, provided by Singer. He says that equality itself doesn’t mean equal rights, for example. That statement supports his first claim and is also a great thing to ponder. He also states that equality is based rather on ethics than facts in support of his second claim. And, finally, he says, that each people’s activity has the potential to change the nature. These are the fundamental thoughts you can find in this article. Hope it helps!

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